Ship to test but it wasnt mirrored

Hey so I had a faction dread on TQ that wasnt mirrored and i would really like to test out its max tanking abilities on the test server, is there any chance i can get it mirrored please

They only mirror a couple times a year. And not on demand just b/c you want to test something.

But they also tend to seed most everything too. So you can probably go buy the same fit and put it together again.

faction dreads are not seeded

hmm, i didn’t think we removed anything like that on new mirrors - if you had on TQ at the time of the mirror, it should be on SISI.

Unless it was docked at some citadel or something maybe, we wipe a lot of that stuff so people can’t gain intel advantage.

Copyships (if its still enabled) may not work either as its faction - we don’t allow some ships to be copied in that manner.

copyships was removed due to possible ddos attack with it…someone almost crashed sisi with it.

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