Upcoming mirror?


I am just wondering if there is a planned upcoming mirror for the test server?


Lost one is not even a month old, so propably no update soon.

I’m sorry, but there are indeed no plans for a new mirror at this time.

May or June is most likely when the new mirror will happen.

The last one was a month ago, it’ll be a few months at least before it’s refreshed.

Worried about next mirror. I would lose everything that I had on there.

Oh well. Bring on the new mirror

the mirror was installed on james webb telescope so rip no new mirrors. and it was golden one

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Wait, what?

Wait, so no new mirrors coming up?

P.S: I have 6 capital ships in construction at the moment.

The next mirror is likely bound to happen within the next 2-6 weeks, based on the previous mirror schedule pattern, and also depending on what CCP Habakuk feels like doing.

Should have built them on TQ.

You know the asset safety when a structure is unanchored?

2 months on, would it be reasonable to assume that there are now indeed plans for a new mirror at this time?

unanchoring abandoned citadel will throw all your stuff to space

Important Notice: Mirroring is Complete.
I have made a list of everything that I need to achieve a full recovery

And we care why?? If you had that ■■■■ trained on your TQ toon it wouldnt be too bad

just manufacture that

I am autistic and I do tend to panic in some situations
I was also prepping for a possible mass test next week
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