Alternative to Mirroring?

Hello, i was wondering now since no mirror happened for this update is there any way someone could potentially get access to ships or modules from TQ in Sisi? Talking about ships/items you wont find in the Sisi market,but already own in TQ (ie supers/titans).

Thanks in advance

No pirate titans for you!

if you board titan/supercarrier and irror happens when you are in said ship,it will be mirrored

Amak, I think he wants purple mods and tournament ships.

buy them in TQ store in ship. thathow i keep estramel mods cloning evry mirror

what i mean is lets say you buy a super in TQ but the mirror in sisi is way before then. Is there a way to copy/mirror that super in Sisi without the actual mirroring of the whole server? I know even without the mirror you can /copyships your subcaps/capitals and modules.

if its stoed in citadel you should be able to use /copyships otherwise no.

if you board the supercarrier/titan and mirror is taken in time you are in titan/super then on mirror yu will be in said ship

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