Lost packets


want to be sure is eve online deal correctly with lost packets ?
As example i called my five Hobgoblin II by draging lunchded drone
Tab so each five drone will be called back to drone hanger.
But one drone still floatting on speace.

Actually i notice alot of stuff about info being missed and my brain also feel something uncorrect
but when i notice this i am sure that there is something with packegs being recived or not.

That indicates that the fifth drone is about to become a rogue drone and turn on you. The responsible thing would be to kill it immediately!

On a serious note, tho, I’m pretty sure the “recall all” command is a single command, not 5 separate commands, so lost packets would not account for the problem you are describing. - More likely one of the drones managed to bounce out of scoop range when that command was issued as part of the recall sequence, so it remained in space. I’ve seen that happen on my end as well.

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