That may be the case, however I’ll let her make the clarification if she so chooses.

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Love is a weird thing.
It’s pure chaos, it just happens and takes over.
And then it becomes beautiful, or ugly, or both at the same time, or one first and another next.
Sort of like life itself.

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Greetings. I am settling Melisma’s accounts on these fora on her behalf.

Her mandate as regards her Minmatar peers was to plant the seed of a new—or perhaps old and out-of-fashion—idea and allow it to take root. This does not appear to have occurred, as the pushback against her ideas, from many persons including yourself, has illustrated.

If her Minmatar peers had begun to receive her ideas with more open-mindedness, then perhaps her performance on that score would have earned her a mark above failing. We have determined that more time will have to pass before that happens, if it happens at all.

I hope that offers a bit more clarity on the topic.

In darkest night,
Maya Seaga

So Mel was a Krusual plant all along. Not bad.

Respects, sorta.

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I think it became very obvious very quickly how you do things.

One hopes the penalties for failing are suitably harsh. At least the truth is now out for all to see, and it has been most enlightening. I, for one, very much appreciate it.

Thank you.

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I don’t have that much experience with Love, but I’ve seen people in love, and it looks pretty neat! They’re so happy, and it almost kinda radiates from them? Kinda touches everything around them with warmth, and opens up every heart to new possibilities. Which I guess is what this thread was going for??


Love is a wonderful thing to share with another person. It’s also a point of being the most vulnerable with another. It’s that vulnerability which is important I think. Vulnerability can be both a source of great shame and pain or it can be the source of great connectedness and sense of belonging. The latter requires a great deal of trust though.

Perhaps that’s why it’s so difficult to trust your enemies – you need to trust them enough first, that they will not use your personal vulnerability against you.


As is traditional, I am late to Love, but, I will give my thoughts nonetheless.

Love makes otherwise rational people act like fools. This is not necessarily a problem.


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