Low priority graphical improvement

So, my ferox is presently sitting at 14% structure after a really fun brawl. And it looks like it has been through a brawl.

But all the big bits are still attached. Would be cool if ships with bits that stick out could have bits that fall off when they start taking structure damage. Maybe list to the side a bit (graphically) when an engine is blown off.

Not that I really want any significant developer time, but it feels like a graphical update and the graphics team doesn’t really do much for game mechanics and balance (I hope?).

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This is rather pointless when a ship that hits structure is usually seconds away from death. It would be a huge amount of work to make the system capable of something like that (model changes are very different from applying a color layer) and the return would be virtually nonexistent. The graphics team may not do anything with game balance, but there are certainly higher graphics priorities to care about.

Oh I agree. I generally play zoomed out anyways, so I wouldn’t even see it most of the time. Something of a showertime thought while burning back to staging system in what little was left of my ship.

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