Feedback - The graphics inside FW plexes are unforgivably bad

This is the graphics inside FW plexes.

  • It is made up of a bunch of static ‘gas/cloud’ images that just ‘rotate’.
  • These ‘gas/cloud’ images are not actually dynamic in any way.
  • There is no shadow cast in the cloud between the star and the ship.
  • I am sorry to say but it doesnt look beautifal to the eye or good in any measure of the words. I would liken it to PS1 limitation graphics I am afraid.

Given that this is what most people in FW see day to day, be they farming for LP or using plexes as pvp hubs, it would represent a M A S S I V E quality of life gain to make this actually a beautifully designed internal complex, rather than this rush job style rotating image.

But it will put too much stress on player computers!
Vamping up the visuals is clearly a good move, as I suspect many pilots nowadays play eve on max graphics rather than in ‘potato mode’. That being said, any new and beautifully designed complex interior could simply be turned down into potato mode if required.

But the legacy spaghetti code prevents it!
I have heard several comments that desirable changes cannot be deployed due to some issue with legacy spaghetti code, but such desirable changes have been made with other things:

  • Asteroid belts received a significant upgrade and as a result look absolutely great but unfortunately this is wasted as nobody goes to belts anymore in lowsec.
  • The close proximity to a systems star also received a significant upgrade, and this is well received as it is a common location to be, although not for long as there is never anything of interest there except by chance.
  • The activation gates that lead into the plexes also received a small upgrade which is very well recieved.

I am only trying to help, hope this is useful.


Yeah you are kind of right it is a little bit blah. Maybe that is sort of by design so lesser machines can still FW?

Unrelated, how is FW? I’m thinking about getting back into it.

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I think it rather unlikely that it was done by design, because graphics settings can be varied to accomodate for the lower end machines. The imagine sample I took was using maximum graphics on a full on gaming computer setup.

FW is good as long as you chose your home base wisely. Tama, Kedama or thereabouts is best for blackrise. For the other warzone you may have to check with someone that knows in greater detail where the action is but I think Amamake keepstar is a good home base there.

It is very fun, I recommend it. And you can always use filaments to enjoy null at times.

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Ah fair point I’ll give you that. It’d be nice to have something other than a second screen to look at when waiting out the timer.

I plan on resuming my rank in the Minmatar Republic. I will probably base out of Hek and just go from there. Glad to see people are still getting out there and dusting it up. Amamake a classic for sure :smirk:

I’m pretty unfamiliar with all this new content- Triglavians I’ve been reading about because of the Niarja drama. Filaments I need to look into - plus it sounds like they finally got around to the Dojo thing they rumored at years ago.

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Hookbill is very strong now, check it out using dual web and Scourge Rage rockets

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Good old EVE with spaghetti code that every dev fears to touch. Almost all old sites are like this. Never touched, never updated and won’t be updated (maybe some day replaced with new trig code).

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More comments are welcome, I will try my best to respond to everything reasonable.

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