Who else? 🤔 [graphics pool]

Who else watched how the asteroid pops after today’s update? :thinking:

Anyway, do we need more visual effects? Or maybe ships redesigns?

  • More visual effects
  • More ship redesigns

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to bad there isn’t a option to have more detailed ships but keeping its general appearance

or instead of replacing ships, adding ships to the already known factions

Both because the art team should not waste its time on skins.


Every update that doesn’t feature an Imicus redesign automatically drops a letter grade, tbf.

This includes updates that launch after the Imicus is redesigned.

Neither, we need CCP to fix important issues.


how likely is it the ship designers are also doing the code?

I want them to finally add a space jungle so my Navy Mega can use its default camo to hide in ambush…:wink:


I did, multiple times. I don’t regret a thing.

What I would like more in the visual departement is a modern structure to replace the small pos + compression array combo. And maybe a new drake model.

Art teams generally aren’t responsible for fixing major issues…

I would argue that how Imicus and Catalyst looks are major issues. :laughing:

I have no preference for either. Instead, I’d like a better manageable UI, including window management and somewhat related topics such as bookmarks, shortcuts, overview setting etc. All of these could use better and cleaner design, as in more useable, not more colorful.

Also, completely off-topic: more data/relic exploration content. Loads of players do these sites and especially new players seem to be drawn to the idea to explore the universe, fly around and look what they can find. Currently there are only very few version of data/relic content. Regular sites, ghost sites who work on a timer, the David Bowie site and sleeper caches.

I’m thinking something like data/relic site escalations, which lead you to other systems or like game-in-a-game kind of thing, where there is some greater complexity riddle to be solved over the course of multiple weeks, that needs visiting all areas of space in multiple regions or whatnot. Anything that goes beyond the one-site model for “exploration” we currently have.

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Get rid of the art team and hire more devs to fix issues. You could have figured that out yourself, I have no doubt

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While I agree about the Imicus/Helios, I quite like the look of the Catalyst/Eris. Especially with the Interbus SKIN :honeybee:

But why? :open_mouth:

Star Wars B-Wing.

Heh. I see. But simply making it turn 90 degrees would not fix it. The issue is more apparent in my opinion, textures are ugly, same with model mesh, its not up to current standards.

Also B-Wing is symetrical. only the cockpit turns.

as much as i love the art department, no thanks on both choices.

if they want to do something, how about UI scaling or perhaps fonts.

I have seen that UI and fonts and overall usefulness of UI is questioned here.
First thing: I dont know if UI team is actually a dedicated team or just few guys making changes in spare time like last time it was. So this is rather gloomy looking.

That pool was only about people preferences, background (environment) vs first plane (ships) as I would say that in my own words.

As the results look now, it looks like effects guy should be concentrated on making ships even more realistic or something. And ship guys dishing out redesigns, making ships prettier too.

The stupidity of applying reductionism on broad challenges to binary traps.

Whateva, we need new looking ships! \o/