Making armor/structure hits visually more impressive

(Jin-Shan Wang) #1

The new weapon effects look amazing. Could a next step be that when hitting armor/structure, a little cloud of debris splatters off from the point of the hit? Pieces of the hull disappearing without them breaking off is a bit lackluster, especially with the impressive weapon hits at the moment.

Edit: For clarification, I don’t mean that actual parts of the ship should break off, that would be too hard to do/render. I merely would like to see some particles/dust come out of the ship when armor/structure is hit. The particles/dust cloud can despawn after some seconds, making it not very ressource heavy

(Arcanith Lionheart) #2

As much as I want to agree with this to have it look cool, this would be very heavy on work for just a little thing like that. The ships already show damage when they are hit in armour.

For that to happen they would have to remodel ALL ships in order to have the bits to fly off and show where its been hit by showing a hole that looks just like a hole and not a flat burnt surface, not to mention that no matter how good your pc is having several tiny pieces flying off and keeping track of this in a fleet fight would most likely cause some framerate issues.

(Jin-Shan Wang) #3

I don’t actually mean parts of the ships breaking off. That would be really cool, but - I agree - not doable. My idea was to only have some particles fly off from the point of inpact, like a dust cloud or something. And as I said, the cloud/particle can despawn after one second or so, this should limit gpu requirement to a minimum

(elitatwo) #4

They just did real damage visuals like 2 years ago. Jeebus get a grip. There are more important things to worry about than staring at your dying boat.

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