Better wreaks and destruction animations

Like the title says, the destruction mechanics of the game are cool and all but, what if they were better? Let’s say, your frigate gets destroyed. Immediately minor explosions eject panels and your frigate starts shacking, making it look like the controls are locked up. And it will maintain the speed you were at. Then a final blast can rip it into multiple large fragments and then transitions it into a wreak with the pieces that were torn off. I think this would be very cool and make debris fields a little more dynamic. Any thoughts?

I vaguely recall this being talked about previously by CCP in response to similar requests to this. Sorry I don’t have a source, I think it was a question at a Fanfest years ago.

Anyways, the problem is that having unique wrecks for each ship would be expensive to render, and the permanently backlogged art pipeline would basically keel over and die if CCP had to make even one unique death animation for each ship in the game, let alone multiple ones or something dynamic.

Also the reason that ships turn into wrecks and the animation continues on from there is entirely for server syncing reasons. That death animation is entirely client-side, the wreck transition is server-side.

I see. It is good to know that CCP did think about it, but i guess it is just not possible with current tech.

It’s possible, it’s just not worth the time and trade offs required.

Really really big ships get their own special wrecks because they’re just that, very big, and therefore don’t have a lot of these issues (you’re unlikely to have thousands of Titans on field at once… so far) and they’re big and special and having those death effects reinforces that specialness.

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