OK I play a game…is MASSIVE! IS GOOOD!!!
But Looking i time…Wrecks are boring…
I think Wreck should got at least 2 skins…and how it should look like…:
Frigate skin[wreck]
Kestrel got…
bigger part mean engine and “control” part
Wreck should tell a player what kind of ship it was…
When i look at wreck of Kestrel in my mind i see “control” part…bridge and some garbage.

Every ship in game got parts that can tell a player what kind of ship i was.

Merlin front part where guns are and bridge.
Heron 2 Straight long plates at middle part of ship
Condor Same as Kestrel Bridge
Bantam is in fact square hard too say but why not split it

Garbage …stell plates , engines , LUNCHERS … more stuff …

Saying straight it looks cheap now…
…The beaut is in details…

All parts idea was created at asteroid belt in High Sec.
Thank you for your time :smiley:

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Welcome to the forum Billmaster.

Can’t really comment much on the value of your suggestion because I’m still trying to work it out - whether you are saying just the graphics of wrecks should be better, or that they should drop better stuff (eg. like SKINs).

If it’s in relation to the visuals looking better, CCP have done that with some of the larger ships in recent years, but I think that there is a limit to how many unique wrecks they’ll put in the game, because each new texture is an additional texture that the graphics team have to maintain.

But aside from that, welcome to the forum.

Dang billmaster that’s a good idea. See ccp? People play zoomed in!

No droping stuff, only a simulation…its still same…
Garbage its what I mean when I say garbage.
I would like too see it…now it looks cheap, still same.

I understand that it is work for graphic team …just saying that detail is like mosquito :smiley:

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