Junk skin ships

Some people fly total piles of junk, with mismatching hull paint jobs, visible repair sections and loads and loads of graffity. I can see three distinctive avenues to go

1 - Ghetto junk vessel. Industry color parts. Adjusted sections. Rust parts contrasting with gold paneling…
2 - Graffity imposed on the vehicle by numerous different parties and taggers.
3 - Gang logos, signs, decorative paintjobs
4 - Customized sections with garish decorative body work, blinged-out parts.

The movies Elysium and Chappie, as well as Dredd depict some awesome visual inspiration for this kind of content.

This new skin motiff could just as easily be spawned from the cavernous undercity docks of Amarr stations, as it can from the sprawling structures of Caldari origins. It doesn’t have to be the old “rat bike” Minmatar motiff.

In a perfect world specific large alliances could order their own skin jobs, and pay for them. I am certain Goons would be top contenders to acquire their own Swagged Out vessels.


Shouldn’t this be in “Player Features and Ideas”?

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CCP needs to make a subforum for vanity stuff. F&I has no need for this thread either lol.

Quit making threads begging for more skins. Quit making these skins a waste of time.

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