Structure hits affecting modules

just a thought: taking structure damage has a nice little RNG feature where mods have the possibility of going instantly offline or take extra damage when penetration happens. using bulkhead reinforcement reduces if not negating the chance of this happening so hull tanking can still be viable. maybe even when taking structure damage can cause UI glitches such as displaying certain pixels in the health bars as red and white, scrambling text in open windows, or even showing cracks in the view screen, much like Halo reach did at it’s ending.

I guess just to add more immersion n stuff i guess?

It’s a suggestion that has been made a few times.

It’s a feature that would be more frustrating (and not in a good challenging way) than immersive.

Say you’re in a close 1v1 encounter for example and just out of the blue, one of your modules goes offline totally at random. Not something you have control over. Then your opponent wins, not necessarily because of skill. There’s nothing engaging about that.

It’s the same in reverse. If you end up winning an otherwise close fight because your opponent has a random act occur, the sense of victory is reduced.

The outcome of the fight becomes is lessened for both the victor and the loser.

The RNG is already heavily involved in combat outcomes, but in all cases, we can directly affect its impact by knowing how to effectively pilot. Modules just randomly offlining has absolutely no counter. That’s not good design.

The idea of screen effects is ok, but not the random offlining of modules.

i was refferring to hitting structure only, since, unless your hull tanking, your pretty much screwed at that point.

In a close fight, that’s not true.

There are lots of fights won with players in structure.

What you wrote was clear. The design is still just completely frustrating. Not immersive.

Personally I’ve escaped a stratios ambush in an occator at 14% structure because I outlasted the enemy’s capacitor, start randomly shutting down my modules and that would be a different story.

Many ships use structure buffer as a last ditch (or I think some interceptors can rely on it).

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Real Men hull tank, or so I’ve been told.

Watch a Real Man cry when the DC breaks.

–GadgetCorp Products NEVER Break

Immersion is the lights on your ship flickering the lower into Structure you get. This is a bad RNG-based mechanic that will rarely matter at all, can’t be used strategically, but will randomly completely screw over someone in a few rare cases without any feedback to the player doing the shooting.

It’s like saying to the player "congrats, you got into structure and the fight didn’t immediately end, here have a cookie, one in one hundred blows up your ship.