Allow modules to be permanently destroyed

In combat, there should be a % chance that modules are permanently destroyed. Shield modules should be at risk when taking shield damage. When taking armor damage, critical hits should have the possibility to destroy nearly anything on the ship: weapons, armor plates, even the damage control unit. When taking hull damage, the possibility of a critical hit should increase, with the possibility that cargo is destroyed.

This would improve the economy by generating more consumption, and it would make fleet engagements more interesting as ships begin to take damage which cannot be repaired without refitting.

Doesn’t this already happen with the 50/50 drop chance?

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I think he means destroyed by a weapons (via a RNG i guess) hit rather than when the ship explodes

Modules should be destroyed before the ship dies, this would increase module consumption.

Why not a chance to ‘headshot’ that kills the pod inside the ship?

edit. you’d have to scrape it out like a soft-boiled egg afterwards…

No RNG sucks for everyone but the skill challenged.


That’s a dumb thing to say.

No it isn’t, those of us with skills will WIN and we might even get to loot the item rather than have it destroyed.

This idea only helps the losers.


Yes, lets kill armour tanking and make it so only shield tanking is viable.

Lets also destroy almost all PvE which is based around sustained tanking of large enemy hordes, because 100% you will get critted when time is a large enough factor.


RIP armor tank…

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Of course.
In that logic, blasters and other weapons should also permanently overheated and be destroyed as well.
What exactly is your reason of proposing this?
This entire suggestion is a sham, an attempt to somehow strengthen the ganker strength against more toughly protected targets.

I see you shield buff!

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OP sure thing but from now on instead of from 25% and below if the shield reaches or drops below 85% there is a chance the damage goes through and reaches armor (or hull if no armor left). :wink:

I dont know about shield and armor crit hits…

But i do know a long time ago…cant say how long ago…
When doing missions, there was times a character of mine that was put into hull especially severe damage(anyone remember flying home with your Hull on fire, trailing smoke, and your HP ticking down 1 point per minute?) that without ever overheating, modules sometimes would be lightly to severly damaged and require repairs as well, not just the ship.

So maybe I could see if you were put into hull, crit strikes could maybe actually destroy modules, but not while you had some armor/shields left…only when hull dmg was applied (so yeah if your bleeding into hull with a crit strike that would work also)

Hull damage can damage modules like you said. it’s just hull goes so fast once you are in it. Hull tanked orca and brutix as known exceptions

This is a great idea. It will be implemented soon.

How would this idea scale with different size weapons?

By whose authority?
Your James do not have any power in management of the game itself.

Destruction does not actually help the economy. An economy improves when there is more stuff. Destroying stuff removes stuff…thus it is technically bad.

This isn’t to say there shouldn’t be destruction in the game, but this is the broken window fallacy. To say that destruction is good for the economy. It is good for those who make stuff to replace what was destroyed, but it is a clear and unambiguous loss for those who have stuff destroyed.

Destruction might be good for the game–i.e. players interacting and having fun, but it isn’t necessarily good for the economy.

Calm down miners. I have made my decision. You will have to accept this change.