Should modules suffer damage?

There you are in close combat with a Sac in your Drake, when your shields fail, as your Armor progresses towards the bottom, your high slots start failing followed by your mids and when structure starts failing so does your lo slots.
Your ship is saved but is severely damaged and with every 10% of module damage that module is that much less effective!
Too much, maybe, but the idea is if you roam 30 jumps you will need help, support or die before reaching home.

Always been in favour.

My solution:

Allow mining lasers to target and damage modules

Edit: If you were overheating, your slots may be scrap anyway

If you are down to structure and you are not overheating already you are doing it wrong.


Hell yes?

Oh, and make it cost minerals to fix them.

I think modules already can take damage, when your structure take hits? Not as drastically as OP described, but still.

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I say apply damage to “external” modules like guns when armor damage, and to mid/low slots when hull damage,BUT scrap free repairing! repair should cost % of module price, and never for free

This thread is filled with people who have never been in a PvP battle or overloaded their racks.

If they had they would not be suggesting this.

Why not lrn2play before you suggest changes.


Yeah, my first thought was this and probably krabs that hide very very deep in null and hope a roaming gang can’t reach them because of this.


They do, you have to use them though

A module is only affected if you overheat and you exceed the time limit and you havent trained your skill. What I am talking about is the dice are rolling and instead of losing all your racks, one may or may not sustain damage to a specif module.

RNG is satan


Fun facts, a module can receive heat damage at any time. The odds of heat damage increase with the heat level. The module in question need not be the one which is overheated, any module in that rack can receive heat damage. The chances for module damage do not end when overheating is turned off, residual heat has the chance to apply heat damage to a module as well.

I have managed to go for as many as 3 heat cycles with an MWD on a frigate, with no heat damage. It only happened once, RNJesus was kind to me. I’ve also had instances where a single heat cycle on a frigate caused my butt to pucker after it eventually melted half the rack.

As Salt initially said, why the ■■■■ are you not overheating? PVP isn’t about a sustainable ship, it’s about expending the resources you need to expend, in order to win the fight and prevent the larger loss (of the ship). Never not heat your ■■■■. Obviously certain things like prop mods produce a lot of heat and need to be used at the right time, but other things like your invulns should be heated for as long as you can heat them.


So you clearly shield tank since you want to ruin all armour tanking with your idea.


Say nothing of a hull tanked brutix. Those are tanky and fun lol.

Any fight I expect to be remotely close my guns are preheated prior to engagement.

So if I dent my bumper my radio shouldn’t work?

You have my old car!


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