Heating Modules Whilst Repairing Resulting in decycled modules Even In Separate Racks

There’s a small but rather annoying feature that i would say a few of us have had the pleasure of running into. The mechanic is if you are repairing a module if you try to heat any module on your ship it will decycle all heated modules.
The problem even occurs to separate racks like top and mid and also low slots, while repping your guns if you tried to heat all mid slots they would simply all decycle essentially leaving an opportunity to be one shot off the field. Now i don’t think i’m wrong but the heat is actually separate per racks and have nothing to do with one another so that to me is questionable alone, but also the fact of the modules turning off if they are running when you try to heat them they don’t continue to run cold but instead turn off this to me has been the death of a few shiny ships for myself and earlier today i lost a kill because i went to heat my guns while repairing a shield booster and invuln and it caused my guns to actually decycle off my target and caused him too live.
I’d like to see the heat separated in racks as the actual ships and heat spread actually show to where you can heat your guns while repping mids or vice versa or even just the modules to continue to cycle cold instead of decycling to me this mechanic is pretty dumb. Also, Since the heat is separated by racks and it only spreads through that rack to myself it makes 0 sense on why i shouldn’t be able to heat my guns while repairing my mid slots.

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Holy i don’t care batman im commenting about a video game not an interview or something important take ur need for attention elsewhere. Thanks :slight_smile:


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Where is he required to use paragraph breaks? Is that defined somewhere?

It’s common to include an “in” somewhere in there.


Does it make them decycle faster or if prevented or slowed? That could be really handy.

there u go i put some lines so ur iq can understand it now

To start a heat cycle it only happens at the beginning of module activation so its instantly deactivated once the heat cycle begins and the cycle never actually goes off if that answers your question?

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Not really.

Does it stop cycles mid-cooldown?

It only affects Modules that you try and heat so mid cool down is impossible since the heat only begins at the beginning of activation modules unheated remain running until the cycle time

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