Low Sec Mining in The Age of Panic

Dscan, your wits and reactions have always been your best defences in dodgy places and with the recent WCS changes now even more so.
There has been a lot of doom and gloom recently as if the WCS changes have made things impossible somehow, but you never should have been on grid long enough to get locked up.
In many cases the rats can be easily cleared or just ignored since mining frigates can sig /speed tank them so full focus should be on what is going on in the rest of the system.

I put together some of the techniques I use to mitigate rats and player issues while mining ore and gas and making great ISK… Bling Procurer skins up for grabs too :slight_smile:

Low Sec Mining In The Age of Panic. Alpha + Tech 2. Survival Tips and Skin Giveaway


Great video - thank you for posting this! I also loved your attitude - its a game and part of the game is being hunted. Some nice fits and adds a lot to the whole idea of mining. Thank you!


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Thanks Karen :slight_smile:

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