Best miner for low sec

Hello, I was wondering if anyone can tell me what would be in there opinion the best ship to mine with in low sec?

As you MUST be 100% on your toes in LS, I use a Cov as it’s the fastest to mine…

Just make sure you follow all LS protocols and you will be fine.

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Endurance might be a good option too…

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Endurance for capacity or HPs?

I agree that the Cov is annoyingly fast at mining as you spend a lot of time warping back and forth.

I disagree for HPs and for anything(including rats), you probably should run.

I do not think mining in low sec is the best idea since low sec is a very active PvP ground and you will be losing efficiency warping out all the time. In high sec you can find calm corner where you can mine really relaxed, if you happen to find 0.5 system with plenty of Athanors and mine moon goo, you get same isk/hour as mining in low sec.
Since rats in low sec belts can be pretty dangerous for mining vessel, I would not try anything more fragile, than procurer. So - Procurer, Praxis and maybe skiff (if you do not care about ISK). In that order. T2 mining frigates can sig tank most low sec NPC as well…

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I had a related post, which received many helpful replies- you might want to check it out:

Keep in mind, some lowsec rats use warp disruption- so have a few hobgoblins to take them out quickly (you do not want to be warp disrupted when a hostile player is in your system). Also, if you want to minimize risk- try it out in a Venture while you’re learning the mechanics. I have done low sec mining (off and on) for the past 8 months- so let me know if you have any more specific questions. Good Luck!


Thank you all for your help

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