I need tips for mining in low-sec

Hello, I’m thinking of going to mine to low-sec, I’m dedicated to mineira de hielo, and I wanted to be advised. My idea is to mine with 2 Skiff with Heavy Drones, an Orca with Heavy Drone, that gives me a shield bonus. And a fourth alter, in a ship for PVP that protects the others, (a Machariel, even though I have no idea of PVP). What do you recommend? I do not care how long it takes to have the necessary skills.

I do not speak English, I speak Spanish, I am translating this message. If it is not too much to ask, the answers should be clear, to be able to translate them. If you do not understand the message is that the Google translator is useless.

I’m ticking Watching on this one. I suspect it will get pretty entertaining.

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Wants to mine in low sec. admittedly has no pvp experience. This should be good. You’d be ten times safer mining in null…




Every ore in low-sec can now be found in high-sec. This is from moons in 0.5 systems.

The financial advantage in mining in low-sec is now limited to higher grade ice or to higher grade moons.

Yesterday, I watched 2 skiffs, one procurer and one porpoise mine a rare moon in 0.3. They were making several hundred million isk per hour. They still ran away when targeted by one interceptor.

Your idea will work, in very limited circumstances, and I would discard the PVP ship. Keep it simple and keep ready to run. I was on the same belt in a single ship and still made 120 million isk per hour. Less is more.


Put down a moon mining refinery and a couple of astrahuses and use standup fighters to defend yourself


First good bit of advice

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Gas mining in low sec with a Venture will earn you 50m-100m isk per hour. Check https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/ore/gas.html for gas prices. You will need good exploration skills to scan for gas sites that contain the valuable gases like Viridian Cytoserocin.

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You deserve to be advised, because you want to mine in low. I like that, and you deserve help.

First things first, if you plan on multiboxing in low it is important that you already have some PvP experience multiboxing, otherwise you will just ■■■■ up and lose everything. Fighting and multiboxing takes a bit of experience, otherwise the hectic will ruin your day.

I strongly advise against this. Start with one ship, preferrably a cheap one, for a few days and then slowly, over days work yourselves upwards, otherwise you are just going to lose it all in one go, no matter what ship you will be losing.

You will need to be able to gtfo quickly, because fighting will - often enough - just get more people to jump onto you as soon as someone spotted you. Using battleship-esque mining ships like the Skiff does not help you when half the neighborhood learns about you being there, no matter your experience. : - )

Preparation is key.

I have made an illustration using the image of a Kipferl, which come quite close to how belts look. : - )

Use an alt in a speedy frigate to create GTFO bookmarks and starting points in and around the belt. You need these to get into operation quickly and to GTFO quickly. The further away the GTFO bookmarks are, the better it will be for you. 200km definitely is not going to cut it if you want to increase your chances of survival.

As shown in the image, you start at the starting points and slowly move through the belts. You need to be sure to know your mining laser range, to avoid setting the bookmarks in ways that makes it hard to actually reaching the roids.

That is it already when it comes to preparation in space. Now on to the fitting. The best choice you can make is fitting a higgs rig, which slows down your ship and makes it align a tad quicker. Having a slow ship is crucial, because it allows you to move through the belt at the minimum needed velocity to enter warp, while still being able to mine without leaving the belt too quickly.

Bonus points if you have several ships cruising along, webbing each other. If you can not web, armor rigs slow you down as well. The slower you are, the better it is. You can not outrun anyone anyway.

And that is basically it. You warp to your starting point, align to one of your GTFO bookmarks which move you through the belt and start locking some asteroids until they are depleted, or too far out of reach.

You need to play fully zoomed out to have your surroundings visible (do NOT rely on the overview, it lags a full second behind!) and as soon as you see someone entering the belt, you can fleet warp your whole crew out to the GTFO bookmark, and from there warp them to some safe spot or something.

I have cleaned whole belts with this, with several characters. As you can warp off instantly, the only way to be caught is by having others having probes ready in space (which you hopefully notice by observing d-scan), by you ■■■■■■■ up the fleet warp or by you not actually paying attention to the game.

And remember: You want REALLY slow ships, so you can constantly move at 75% of your max velocity, which allows you to warp your fleet off instantly. The higgs rig helps tremendously.

Good luck, Miner!


While you can also fit an Astero or a stealth bomber (no targeting delay) to rob the gas miners and save yourself time.

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