Best defensive ship for protective miners in low sec to null sec

So me and my 2 mates were mining and got killed and we were wondering what ships would be good for defence , so while 1 mines the other 2 can defend so what would people recommend could really use the help , cheers

In Eve, so much advice depends on the situation.

According to zkillboard, your friend and you were mining in low sec, using Procurers. You were set upon by a four person gang flying Hecates and a Loki.

First of all, if you are going to mine, I would not recommend having that character in faction warfare - makes you an easier target, though the gang that attacked you look to be pirates.

Second, there isn’t much defence two of you could put up against a gang so armed, so your best bet here was to warp out the moment you saw them on d-scan or when they entered system. Their killboards show them to be moderately experienced compared to you two, so discretion would be very much the better part of valour for you. Even if one of you had a combat ship, the likelihood in this situation would still have been you losing.

If you want to mine, there are much more efficient ways to do it.

None. This assuming the intel of @Kumakatok is correct that, 1) you were flying procurers and, 2) that you were doing so in low sec.

Procurer is a great ship for mining low sec. It will take out clone soldiers at 0.4, and also 0.3 with a grind. And it will tank at 0.2 (once the clone gets close enough; let it stand off and you will need to warp from damage). However, procurer only really works if you have a structure to jump into. Which you should do early as its align time is poor at 7/8 secs.

The alternative is to use an endurance. Seriously. Because of its drones/speed tank it will also rat well, and will do better than a prospect on ore if you fit mining lasers and use mining drones. And of course it can fit a cloak with no penalty to speed. So, cloak up and run perhaps 100 km from where you were mining if anyone jumps you. Great defence. As long as you can cloak before being targeted.

Variation on a theme … put a buddy in a porpoise. It has ehp similar (better?) than a proc, mines, boosts and most importantly can be fitted for 4 sec align. Plus it will also cloak. A couple of boosted endurances with a porpoise, all quite slippy, will yield as much as three procurers and be much more defensible. Just not the way you were asking.

Large null alliances tend to protect their miners with standing fleets. If you seriously like mining , consider to join one.

Just use your miners as bait and sit there in cloaky t3’s or something :smiling_imp:

Should add this works way better in Wh’s.

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If you are mining in null-sec then all you have to do, is keep your eyes on local chat and you are 100% safe!
No special ships or skills needed!

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