Procurer in LowSec

Is it possible to mine ore in Lowsec in a Procurer, using fits like Procurer Null Sec or Procurer Tank Fit ? I take it the idea is to have enough tank and warp stability to be able to bug out to a stargate, away from an attacker, whilst your drones keep him at bay ?

Gunna stop you right there.

I wouldn’t bother mining in LS at all ever. Not only are lvl5s better ISK, but safer too. If you wanna mine and make bank, do it in NS, with support fleets, cap wings and rorq boosts.

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that ship’s defensive strategy is being cheaper than a days mining for a shite three man ice mining op.

if you take that into low this will happen as soon as the locals see you.

that sort of sketchy mining is what the venture is for.

its cheep , its fast and they’re fecking hard to pin down.
barges are none of those things.

Thanks. Love the graphic, as an ex-archer I appreciate it all the more :slight_smile:

What sort of fit would you give the Venture ?

Don’t mine in lowsec. The risk just isn’t worth the reward. Staying in high sec, joining a null sec corp, or going daytripping in wormholes for gas are all better options.

hi @Dravick_Afterthought

why you want to go to LS for mining? just for the isk or for the minerals or??
since the new moonmining you can warp to any refinary in 0.5 HS and mine better ore there … its free … they cant do anything and you are in HS
or is there a real reason to go to LS like mining ops with your corp or such stuff?
are you in a corp? if not maybe look for one who can protect you in LS when you are mining or a corp who has regular mining ops in LS

but as mentioned befor … rich with mining is NS not LS … i made good isk in the beginning with ice mining … dont know if this is still working

feel free to contact me here or ingame … maybe i can help with this and that


“Because it’s there” is my only excuse :slight_smile:

I live in a 0.5 system, with moon-mining available and ice-mining in the next system, so I’m pretty well served with safe opportunities. I’m in a Corps already, but ‘feeling my way in’ as I’m rather a n00b.

Trying other stuff as I learn, and LS mining is an aspect of that . WH mining will be next on the list.

Thanks for the offer, I may well take you up on it.

sorry no need for excuse … try new stuff is allways a good thing
so if you dont do it “because of the isk” its a total different thing
you have your base for making isk and want to use some of it to try LS mining … it will be more a look, dscan and run thing but its ok to try

if you look for WH mining then look at a venture or a prospect … barges are easy targets :wink:

we all were n00bs … thats ok … you are in a corp where you get help if needed … were you can ask and get answers
maybe a corp mate can check the systems for you befor you jump in

take care and have fun trying new stuff and stay curious
fly safe

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Lowsec mining is very doable. It’s not a question of the fit but rather a function of being aware of your surroundings. If you get tackled you will die so the goal is not to get tackled. You do this by being aware of who is around you. We mine very successfully in our lowsec home because we know who is supposed to be there. If a neut rolls in either we dock up or bait them depending on who is online. If you pay attention to local you will simply not have any problems.

Thanks. I’ve spent a little time ‘hiding’ in my local lowsec to get a feel for when it’s busy, who’s around etc. Am I correct in thinking that, providing I’m cloaked in a well chosen ‘safe spot’, I can’t be spotted except by someone/thing happening to come within 2000 metres of me purely by chance ?

[quote=“Dravick_Afterthought, post:1, topic:66755”]
Is it possible to mine ore in Lowsec in a Procurer [/quote]

Yes. It’s fun too. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Procurer is also good for taking out clone soldiers, at least in 0.4 and maybe 0.3. Otherwise, once clone is triggered you have to move on with venture etc.

[quote=“Dravick_Afterthought, post:1, topic:66755”]
I take it the idea is to have enough tank and warp stability to be able to bug out [/quote]

I don’t fit core stabs except when moving systems. My gameplay is to only locate barge where there are public structures, fit 2 MLUs, and duck and cover whenever anyone enters system. Otherwise, without a rabbit hole, I only use venture or increasingly a prospect.

The value in low sec mining has gone out the window with 0.5 moon mining. However, there is still value / fun in ninja mining R32 & 64 moons. I did get wardecced once, but still made a billion or so for no losses when it started, as moon goo prices meant a full venture load could top 40 mil.

Correct. The advantage of a skilled prospect though is you can also warp when cloaked - once you can fit covert ops. The other option in LS though is to go for a an endurance and mine LS ice. This is another money maker - if, you can keep in space uncloaked long enough. But at the moment it is 3 x (?) value of HS ice.

PS. You asked for fit for LS venture. Travel fit (for scouting systems and moons etc) is a core stab in low, ECM in mid and best AB you can fit. Makes you very slippy. I then carry an MLU and other mid options in cargo and swap out when mining.


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