Unable to get traction in mining career


Returned to the game after a short trial a few years ago.

I have mined a lot in the high sec regions to build up som ISK, but at soon as I have earned enough to get a bigger mining ship or gas scoops for the venture and I try to go for gas or Kernite (seems like I have to go to low sec for Kernite) i get killed. Can player’s find and target more expensive ships/modules or why does this happen every time, is it just extremely bad luck?

I know you get killed a lot in Eve, but it would be nice to every now and then be able to mine something else then veldspar and plagioclase. It feels to hard to get some nice traction in the mining effort, and as a new player this becomes a sad gaming experience.

What am I doing wrong or is the game set up so that you only should mine in high sech areas as a newbee? All other mining efforts feels lika a waste, this trial mining have set me back 100.000.000 ISK, and now if feels tedious to try mining again.

Any tips on mining career strategies from newbee stage to at least `try some gas/ice/Kernite+ mining?

@Flux_Salongo My first reflex is to tell you to forget mining but you shouldn’t give up on something you like so I will simply say that mining is best done in a tanked Venture with a warp core stabilizer and several inertials for fast align under 2sec or better. Lowsec shouldn’t be that deadly for a Venture and pilot who pays attention.
I wouldn’t even try mining in anything other than a Venture unless I had billions to throw away.
I suggest balancing your game time between activities while you find ways to be productive in Low.
Make sure you don’t enter Lowsec from the same place in the game after a run-in with PvP. Give it a week at least. Plenty of Lowsec systems out there.

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You can make billions mining, even in high sec, though it does take multiple accounts to do so…

Have you considered joining a nullsec mining corp? They are usually pretty friendly to newbies, and as strange as it sounds…it’s safer to mine in nullsec with an established corp than to try and mine in lowsec with barges.

Lowsec is full of people looking for a kill, so seeing a mining ship on dscan just screams “yay! free kill”. Whereas in nullsec you have intel channels, sometimes defense fleets, etc. If you want to get serious about mining, I’d suggest looking into the null life if you want to do it in a “safer” environment


Mining is lowsec is suicide. It is populated entirely by player-killers. You will get blown up anywhere you try to mine, but lowsec is by far the worst.

The trick is to find quiet areas in low sec, avoid faction warfare zones and popular systems. You can use the in game map to tell you about various recent activity done. Yes, you will die especially at first, but once you get used to an area and learn from your mistakes, you will lose less and less.

You can also try looking for a corp, so you have friends to help you out. Moon mining, low sec ores, null ores, Planetary Interactions, etc all need to be harvested or all those PVP ships will just get more and more expensive.

It’s a good question, one thing to keep in mind is, when you go to lower security space, ie higher risk, but higher reward, you want to put as little of your own assets at risk as possible. What this often means is, don’t up-ship and go into dangerous space. See if you can make it work with that Venture until you get the hang of the higher risk areas.

In the help channels, I often refer folks to:
and there are also several YT videos discussing this topic you may want to search out.

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I am one of those guys that kills Ventures in low sec that are mining and huffing gas. I don’t have a 100% catch rate, here are reasons why:

  • the Venture pilot is using D-Scan smartly
  • they have warp core stab plus align time (nanos or istabs) in lows
  • they are constantly at the computer paying attention

The ones I do catch are doing one of these:

  • not paying attention to D-Scan or don’t know how to determine when they’re being hunted
  • rely on the innate +2 warp stab and don’t realize faction scrams exist
  • believe mining far from the warp-in point means they are safe
  • are not at the keyboard (they don’t react and I get an Eve mail 5 minutes later)

Additionally, we all have got a tell-tale local chat. If it’s empty, all clear, happy mining.
As soon as a Name emerges, alert: D-Scan, align, D-Scan, D-Scan…
As soon as you see a ship not being another miner or a shuttle on D-Scan: Warp! To Planet V Moon 6, to the sun, or to a safespot you created in advance. Then bounce for a while to different spots or dock up until local chat is empty again.


Thank you all for the feedback. I have managed to improve my lifetime when mining a lot from your hints!

I also found a low sec astro field where 10 Ventures in a joint mining venture was mining. When looking at them it seemed like they had more than two mining lasers and one of the lasers was on the roof of their Venture. How do they do that, I only have 2 turrets that can mount mining lasers or is there another verison of the Venture?

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They are NPCs so most likely an oversight by CCP. :psyccp:

me who has never used d scan as I don’t knoww how

I believe the default hotkey is “V”. But I strongly suggest searching for a video tutorial on the topic, and then playing with it yourself while the system window is open (F9).

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google it. typing “eve dscan” brings you here: Directional scanning - EVE University Wiki
You are welcome
don’t be lazy, help yourself, eve is not forgiving

Don’t even worry one moment about that. You don’t need to know anything about d scan to enjoy the game. d scan is just one of those details some people obsess about unnecessarily. Pay it no mind.

that’s what the wolf said to the Little Red Riding Hood… :wink:
also @Tzashrah_Praankar i don’t know what to conclude
either you are joking, and your answer should be read as ironic. But remember that this is the newbie section, so they could see it as truth
or you really think what you said, and that’s a problem
i mean yes, you can enjoy the game without using dscan, you can even enjoy the game using autopilot to travel, or flying corvettes only, but you will die more frequently…

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Lol, in the event sites, they are hunting in mining ships now: Prospect | Sara Agoss | Killmail | zKillboard

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