Questions on Average [ore] Deposit in null

Oï !

Today I tried to mine in an Average Bistot Deposit, in a nullsec region infested with Blood Raider pirates. I used a Porpoise and a Procurer with T2 Acolytes and Infilitrator because I knew ore anomalies in 0.0 space are defended.

At first, everything went nice until a lone frigate warp in (Rogue Drone). I quickly deal with it, and soon after multiple frigates and a destroyer (still Rogues) warps in. I start by killing the biggest ship, and as soon as it blows up another wave land on site, this time with a Battlecruiser. Because I don’t know the DPS of those ships, I warped out.

I would like to multiple questions :

  • Why the enemies were rogue drone instead of Blood Raiders ? The anomaly was in Period Basis, and I don’t remember that it’s a Drone Infested region.

  • I guess the Procurer could have tanked the damage, but would the Porpoise have survived ?

  • I couldn’t find a website that tell me what rats spawn in those anomalies and the triggers (I guess it’s what made more ship came in when’s I killed the destroyers), does someone know where I can find it ?

Thanks in advance !
Sasha Viderzei

Yes, porpoise can be just as tanky as the Procurer but it does have a bigger advantage that the procurer does not, it can have a better varieties in the choices of drones, like a set of Mediums, Light, Mining and Salvage. the disadvantage is that the porpoise can’t mine while defending itself.

Thanks you @ISD_Sakimura !
Another question for you, that should answer the others : what is the biggest size of rats a miner can encounter in those ore anomalies please ? Battleships might be hard to deal with when only light or medium drones can be deployed on the field, no ?

I can fend off 2 BS with a porpoise and a procurer using med drones in null. Only issue is when they neut you, but not died to them yet. Fleet of miners = easy to defend from rats.

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