[Low Sec] Order of the Shadow [The Revenant Order]

Come fly with us.

Seeking active pilots from all time zones for PvP/PvE/Industry.

Join our in-game channel: TRO Pub

Or send me a mail in-game

Combat pilots wanted.

Mail me in game or join our Public Channel: TRO Pub

Are you a pilot looking for a home?

Are you in a corporation looking for an Alliance?

Contact Jack Carrigan in game.

We are looking for active combat pilots. Send me a message or join our in-game channel: TRO Pub

Looking for pew professionals.

The Revenant Order alliance is seeking dedicated PvP corporations.

Need some hard-hitting gunslingers with a skewed sense of morality.

Do you want to have a life of crime? Do you want to kill people and take their stuff? Come join us.

Violence is golden. Let’s make some gold.

If you want to blow ■■■■ up with some good people, come hang out. Loose morals preferable.

Gunslingers and pew professionals wanted.

PvP Corps also wanted for the alliance.

Still looking for gunslingers and ■■■■ kickers. Come blow some ■■■■ up with us.

New pilot friendly, willing to teach and train.

Combat pilots wanted.

Alliance seeking PvP corporations.

Contact Jack Carrigan or Gavin Kinney for details.