[Low Sec] Order of the Shadow [The Revenant Order]

Come fly with us.

Seeking active pilots from all time zones for PvP/PvE/Industry.

Join our in-game channel: TRO Pub

Or send me a mail in-game

Combat pilots wanted.

Mail me in game or join our Public Channel: TRO Pub

Are you a pilot looking for a home?

Are you in a corporation looking for an Alliance?

Contact Jack Carrigan in game.

We are looking for active combat pilots. Send me a message or join our in-game channel: TRO Pub

Looking for pew professionals.

The Revenant Order alliance is seeking dedicated PvP corporations.

Need some hard-hitting gunslingers with a skewed sense of morality.

Do you want to have a life of crime? Do you want to kill people and take their stuff? Come join us.

Violence is golden. Let’s make some gold.

If you want to blow ■■■■ up with some good people, come hang out. Loose morals preferable.

Gunslingers and pew professionals wanted.

PvP Corps also wanted for the alliance.

Still looking for gunslingers and ■■■■ kickers. Come blow some ■■■■ up with us.

New pilot friendly, willing to teach and train.

Combat pilots wanted.

Alliance seeking PvP corporations.

Contact Jack Carrigan or Gavin Kinney for details.

Still seeking active PvP corporations

Order of the Shadow is seeking murderhobos, gunslingers, cutthroats and other variety of lethal mother ■■■■■■■. Aggression required, morals optional.

The Revenant Order is seeking PvP corporations!

Come kill with us.

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Founded from a long history of violence and immoral behavior.

Combat pilots needed. Violent tendencies required. Morals optional.

So, despite the hiatus that I’ve been on, we’re currently recruiting still.

Let’s get back into this ■■■■, and create some wanton bloodshed and violence.