Low Sec Panther Bump on Jump Freighters

To be clear, I wasn’t actually encouraging you to biomass. I prefer you to stick around. I am just exasperated with people giving you what seems to be really great advice, and rather than showing gratitude you’re dismissing it.

Thanks for all the feedback it was much appreciated, I think I have some more tactics in the kitbag to continue on.

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Yes apologies I was been far too analytical unfortunately its how I roll.

By keeping your JF docked and loading/unloading with a DST.

A JF really shouldn’t be doing anything other than docking, undocking and taking cynos.

One strategy I use with high value stuff is I make a bookmark inside of the gate, by undocking a rookie ship, waring to the gate at 0, then flying forward until I hit the gate and bounce off, or are directly in the little light thingy in the middle of the structure. Then I drop a bookmark. I undock whatever it is I am using, in this case a jump freighter, and warp to the bookmark. With freighters you have to be more careful with your bookmarking, as you could potentially bump yourself off the structure, which would be very bad indeed. Anyway, as you are enroute to the bookmark, select the gate and select jump through, then turn your autopilot on. Then spam the “jump” command. You should be un-bumpable.

Then deselect the Autopilot, this step is absolutely essential.

What i’d do:

-Move away from Jita, 6 or 7 jumps away, just keep yourself in range of your emergency cyno.

-Warp to bookmarks, not to the gate, just look at your exit gate and create a bookmark where you avoid bumping it when you land and you are always in jump range.

Can somebody link a guide how one bump a JF when coming out of warp preventing the jump? Does it work for other ships?

From the other side, does it help that after the fleet changes you can now warp to exact 0 without jitter by using arrow fleet formation? At least for me this makes insta dock BM obsolete.

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I take it this is the jump back into high sec we are talking about and are these well traveled sys by JF pilots which is why they are waiting for them,

If it’s something you do often asking for some help by local groups, would give them a job and a chance to kill a Paladin, content and interaction always good

This is a really good idea, I didn’t think of this!

Did you mean Panther, or are Paladins also common for this? Maybe I need to watch out for them more…

Although I haven’t encountered either yet, I think that’s a typo.

Panthers have speed bonuses which helps bumping, can easily and safely move around cloaked and have a jump drive to instantly get into the action. Paladins have nothing to help them bump jump freighters.

That’s a nice idea! Might have to train those skills after all. :smiley:

250k SP and 60M to get the SB and the level IV. Just did it.

Please test the usefulness. I only use it for insta dock at stations and for combat scan warping (not always). There is one notable drawback, if you warp to an acceleration gate at exact zero the chance of bumping is approaching 100%.

What unfortunately doesn’t work is bumping/eject ships from inside, tried it with an Orca, the other ship is pushed aside a bit after a couple seconds, not more. :wink:

Jump Freighters and Warp to Zero basically killed the idea of a “protection” fleet. It’s laziness on the part of players that removes part of the game.

Now people haul solo and get annoyed when a gang hunts them. If you have 10billion+ in cargo, the cost of 10-15 guys in tech-1 support ships is nothing, but means anything short of fleet directly engaging you will fail. I used to run protection for low-sec mining ops and did some empire-to-null escort fleets as a scout/tackler. Was something no other game offers.

If we blocked and deleted bookmarks within 150km of a gate, then we go back to scout ships providing the “0 warp” directly to gates for slower ships - which is a gameplay style that meant teamwork and pilot skill resulted in efficiency.

Now everyone complains that the game is boring, dead and also can’t work out why.

It’s because no one needs to be in space anymore unless they want to. Being in space should be an necessity, not just a mistake rookies make.


Yeah, make the game more tedious !
And also you now need titans and fax to gate your JF ! What a wonderful idea !

You want to remove gameplays.

You are not everyone. Most people don’t complain about missing JF kills.

No it’s the idea of being a game. You CAN find the gamùeplay that suits your taste.

If you enjoy the game in it’s current state, that’s fine. Just understand that the vast majority of player base has quit due to stagnation. the convenience that you enjoy isn’t financially incentivised for CCP because it results in less people playing.

The more popular your game is, the higher the number of whales who will throw cash at a game for any perceived advantage, but their motivation usually comes from FOMO, social pressure or social groups.

I get it, you find my idea of eve tedious. That’s cool. But the game is objectively less popular due to the changes of “convenience”.

In my eyes, convenience and quality of life are 2 terms that are often conflated. Quality of life improves a game, convenience removes gameplay and results in less time spent in game.

But it’s cool - defending a more convenient, faster style of gameplay and not understanding that your time is rewarded less due to inflation is a common thing in most gaming communities. The most popular and profitable games aren’t convenient - but the players playing those aren’t campaigning for games to be “harder”, they are just naturally drawn to new games as a vocal minority pushes for changes that make their games less intersting.

You assume my time in space is rewarded when doing hauling. It’s not.


Well next time you are hauling valuable cargo, give me a shout. If I have time in my busy schedule, I could relieve you of your cargo so that you can go do something rewarding instead.

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use a proper placed bookmark on the gate. While you are in warp to the bookmark, set your destination to the system next door, hit autopilot in the warp tunnel. this will automatically jump you as soon as you hit the gate and so you dont bump off. The same also applies to an instadock bookmark on a station.

Why would I do that ?
And how is your sentence relevant to the topic ?