Lowsec protection rackets and POS

You seem a little too excited about using that term. Can’t we all just get along? There’s lots of space to go around.

Yes but murder makes the salt flow and salt is love, salt is life

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What in the failing EVE is this?

I had pegged you for “one of those guys”.

GL with the game.

Eh its a PvP centric game, ofc i’m going to enjoy explosions which normally results in salt from the person who just got murdered, thats life

And i don’t need luck i have the power of salt


So wait. You expect us to believe you were a solider/cop for 20 years, but words hurt you?


Lol. I’m not going to post my DD-214 here for the World to see, but I’m guessing it’d be pretty easy to prove.

Just FYI: The military and police are some of the most hated and poorly compensated occupations. And you think I made it up?

Yes, yes you are definitely making it up :smiley:

I believe it.

I’ve met a handful of “military guys” in EVE who were total bleeding-heart pansies. Most have been well-rounded, but a couple were total and utter carebears, complaining all the time about wars, ganking, and game difficulty in general. One even (no joke) actually once cried on comms after losing a ship.

Keep in mind that most people in the military peel taters, oil engines, and do paperwork, and only a small fraction is composed of foxhole-dwelling hard-asses.

As an interesting aside, most of the ones who were carebears tried to forcefully use their military credentials to assert their qualifications as leaders, while the ones who weren’t carebears just tried to have fun and enjoy the game.


Lol. And you would know?

Oh yes, the life of 19E is so glamorous. Lol. Do you think they still peel potatoes in the US Army? That’s so cute. The harder you guys troll me shows just how much I’m hurting you. Keep up the good work. :heart:

You talkin’ to me? How are you “hurting” me? :thinking:

Doesn’t stop them from pretending to be armchair general big-shots who think that what they learned about covering fire 101 in basic somehow applies to video game fleet warfare, and trying to order people around.

It was figurative, but you’re right about this. These days they simply buy pre-peeled potatoes from military contractors for $116 a pound using taxpayer money.


Again with the generalizations. Did a member of the military knock your mom or sister up? Is that why you’re so butthurt? Better yet, do you think I might be your daddy?

Go troll someone else, son…

I just said that most are completely normal players. You’re really digging at straws there, pops.

That, or I hit particularly close to home, since like half of your posting seems to be about being an elite warrior military dude.

Please show me where I said anything close to that. Are you just desperate for attention? What I said was, I’ve been a cop and a soldier and that I was used to being disliked by the people I tried to protect. Nothing more, nothing less.

*19E and 19K are both combat MOS’s.

Please don’t hurt me…

Because I protect people? Makes sense. :hugs:

I’ve been lied to before…

Not by me.