Lowsec PVE - Blackops Battleship

I am looking for a fit on any Black Ops battleship. Intent is to roam around low-sec getting into trouble, I need a Solo PVP and PVE fit. It seems the Widow and Sin best fit this pair of roles?

Don’t use Blops for PvE

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Long time ago I indeed used a Widow like that a bit, however, due to recent changes to ECM all my fits are basically out the window. What I can tell you about it is that it didn’t work out very well because it wasn’t good for PvE at all so I had to scale down on PvE content. I basically had it set up as a jump ECM boat with as much tank as I could squeeze into it and the DPS was an afterthought, hence its low PvE ability.

Nowadays however, it actually got some buffs due to the ECM nerf so I’m really not sure how it would work out and on top of that also nowadays I would go double prop, MJD / MWD which would also change all the fittings.

Sin I do not know about as I kinda started training into it but then never finished.

But I can tell you this, you may want to consider a cloaky T3C in place of the Black Ops. Perfectly capable of doing LS PvE except maybe solo L5s (would need duo either multibox or 2 people). That is if you find a target. I used a Proteus and Tengu back then but Proteus got nerfed to complete crap now. Tengu is still OK, situationally better then Loki anytime your targets ( either PvE or PvP ) are vulnreable to kinetic damage type. Everywhere else its Loki FTW.

However, even in a T3C if you wanna do some of the better PvE you’ll need to fit for PvE, not PvP. Or the other way around. Armor Loki will leave you plenty utility space for scram / web, but then you’ll eitehr have a buffer and need to dock to repair ( so no good for PvE ) or fly with local reps and cap stable ( so no good for PvP cause of neut vulnreability ). If you go shield Loki then you will have too low tank cause of scram / web in mids.

Tengu has enough mids not to suffer too much on the shield front while fitted with scram/web and you can stick an extender or 2 and 2 shield regen rigs on it, then it can handle some PvE but still has to warp out or fly out of damage range here and there to let the shield regen back. Also because of passive shield regen and missles its not as vulnreable to neuts / cap drains. Only uses cap for hardener and prop, its missles have better range then Loki but its a kinetic based sub system bonus. Hence its better at doing targets that take good kinetic damage, whereas Loki does a bit less and shorter range, but its good on every damage type.

T3C is a hell of a lot cheaper to lose then a BLOPS. You can have 4-5 fully fitted Lokis or Tengus for 1 fully fitted BLOPS.

if you really need a Battleship for a particular PvE, go with Navy Scorp or Marauder. marauder will be stuck while in bastion which is a huge downside in LS, Navy scorp you can fit for 140k EHP omni tank + do almost 1k DPS @ 130km+, that is with a double prop on it to boot. Or you can scale down on the DPS and take up the tank up to about 160-170k. You’ll be doing around 650-750, so some targets will take you a long while to kill thus you’ll be exposed for longer.

So you can try it, but I would use other options.

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Good feed back.

I typically fly a Loki (covert fitted) when in low-sec and scan data/relic sites down. The idea behind Black Ops was to PVE fit and be able to covert cyno to different systems, more quickly chewing through rats for the drug lab or random combat site.

I don’t do a lot of subcap things aside from scanning down stuff in my Loki, which is pretty much the only PVE I do, but I want to mess around with the combat sites and drug labs. Which T3C works best? Have a PVE fit for a T3C? I can fly any of them, so whichever is best for combat sites and drug labs while in low-sec?


my advice is go for rattlesnake, cruiser missiles fit sentry drones caldari

For PVE just use T3C. Its better than BLOPS in every possible way.

Have a fit then? That is where I am stuck for T3C and sites - I’ve only used them for scanning. I can fly all of them, but I am not finding fits anywhere that are current.

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