Loyalty Points

I’m sure this is a dumb question but why do only some corporations and not others award loyalty points ?

Is it perhaps because those corporations don’t have a store to spend them in ?

Example : I get loyalty points from the Republic University when completing agent missions but not from Core Complexion Inc

Thanks !

According to Fuzz Works, they do have LPs…


One possibility is that you’re working for a research agent rather than a security/distribution/mining agent. They give RP instead of LP. You can check your Journal to see if you have any research points - they haven’t been moved to the new wallet.

Edit: another possibility is that the Core agent is a storyline agent. Storyline missions do not award loyalty points.

No research points shown in Journal but just started the Sisters of Eve arc and not getting LP’s for these missions either. After your suggestion I tried a vanilla mission from another SoE agent and got LP’s this time - so you’re right, seems to be the mission type that affects this. Thankyou

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The mission description will always tell you how many LPs and how much ISK you will receive.

Sisters of EVE arc do not give loyalty points, as it is an epic arc, and not technically a mission given by an agent. They do however give you ISK.

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