[LUCEI] Lirsautton VI "Sang Do survey"

Greetings IGS and wider Capsuleer community! My name is Akels Searbier, CFO of Lucrative Excavations.

As my father and CEO pointed out in another post, Lucrative Excavations has purchased a facility from the UNF on Lirsautton VI. This facility previously was used to house supplies for a privatized medical response to the flu outbreak. As my father also mentioned previously, we’re not here to continue that.

Instead we’re repurposing the facility to house a survey we’re doing and we invite any and all Federal citizens on Lirsautton VI to come over and participate in it.

To avoid simply repeating everything my father has already established, allow me to offer up new information and explain our mission.

The Sang Do

A caste of the most powerful and influential people in the Jin-Mei nation. Upholders of tradition, honor and integrity. These larger than life leaders have become the most respected people in Jin-mei culture worthy of being revered even in death. They’ll pave the roads to the colonies they build and defend them valiantly.

As my father has already spoiled, our survey is having groups of twenty sit down and listen to a speaker say one compliment of a living Sang Do, then be asked to fill out a single question on a slip of paper saying whatever or not they think that’s a fair compliment to give them. Regardless of their answer, survey takers will be treated to complimentary food and drink for their participation.

Now I know what you’re thinking “What kind of random survey is this? What do you hope to learn from this?” What Lucrative Excavations hopes to learn is how Federal Jin-Mei citizens perceive their benevolent ruling elite.

Would the common man agree that saying Zar Sa’s artistic direction with the Five Moon Theater is phenomenal? This, and many other compliments we hope to test will be answered once we open our doors on the 23rd of October.

Of course we’ll allow survey takers to answer that they disagree that the compliment isn’t a fair one to give. However we see two meanings behind this answer. Obviously, maybe the one taking the survey will see they deserve less praise for whatever is being complimented. On the other hand, it could mean that the compliment isn’t good enough and maybe more praise is in order. We fully understand that this duo meaning behind the answer may muddy up the survey results, but we didn’t want anyone to feel scared of answering that they disagree. They could be given the benefit of the doubt that they simply wanted a better compliment with more effort. If this proves to be highly inefficient, we will look into adjusting the survey to allow more distinct and clear answers for more accurate data.

However, based on agreements, we could see compliments that are simply “Good enough" and require no less or no more than what are speaker says. Thus, the current system DOES offer up some clear, unmistakable data to work with.

We also would be honored to have an educational institution in the Federation (Such as the Center for Advanced Studies or University of Caille) request access to our collected data for their own research, free of charge. As my father always told me “Don’t let the name Lucrative Excavations fool you son, our purpose is not for the money, it’s to give back to the Federation and the people that it’s made up of”

Speaking of cooperating with third parties, my father previously mentioned extending an invitation to the Aidonis Foundation to set up shop in some of the ample unused space in the facility. Whatever it be to cover more ground to treat more citizens or store additional supplies. The invitation is still valid and hope to hear from the Aidonis Foundation soon

I will be frequenting this thread to answer any questions any party may have about our survey. Please, don’t be shy! Just ping me directly and i will get to you as soon as i can.


The UNF wishes Lucrative Excavations luck with your endeavors as we continue to finish our work planetside. We have finished transferring full administrative control to LUCEI, and still plan to have ground teams pulled fully from the surface by Wednesday afternoon.


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Thank you, and I do apologize for mentioning that yes, UNF personal are still present planetside currently. As our workers move in we’re pitching in to help UNF staff get out. There’s ample amounts of medical equipment that needs to be cleared out and will take some time. As Lauralite says, should take till Wednesday until we see s full withdrawal of UNF staff and property.

While our chiefs are capable individuals. I fear they’re not five star gourmet cooks, or four star for that matter.

I do believe a Capsuleer such as yourself (Forgive me if you’re actually a “baseliner” like myself) would find much more high quality food at a restuarant such as the “Pearl Lake calm” on the Jin-Mei homeworld. Im willing to bet it’s some of best seafood you could find in New Eden!

We also like to remind you that we won’t take anyone in til the 23rd hen UNF staff and property is partially cleared out

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Ma’am - i don’t want to be rude. This survey however is aimed at local Federal Jin-Mei citizens on Lirsuatton VI due to their natural understanding of their native culture.

If we begin allowing off-worlders to come in and take the survey, we’ll begin having extremely muddy results from people who aren’t even locals.

So i apologize, but this survey isn’t for you. And again, we don’t take any takers until the 23rd.

If you’re hungry right now, your best bet of getting fed is going to a restaurant or grocery store near you.

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Ma’am I understand your frustration, truely I do. But we have a target audience for this survey and we intend on staying focus on it.

Please accept my sincerest apology. I know words may not carry much weight, so along with the apology I would like to offer you a discount coupon for Fabuleux Trends. Get 20% off your entire cart, along with a free set of designer socks - this coupon valid in all 172 department stores across Federal space.

Before you ask why we have coupons to hand out - Long story short, My Dad and myself had a lot of suits done by him back in the day, and we cut a deal to help promote his brand.

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We’ve opened the facility up for survey takers as planned on the 23rd. However, we’ve only had a small handful of participants show up near the very end of the day. It was then we’ve found a problem in our current system.

See, the plan we started with was to combine survey takers in groups of twenty before going before a speaker. Unfortunately we didn’t even see twenty people today, so clearly there lies the hugest flaw in how we planned this out.

So going forward, we’re restructuring the survey process with it being as easy as showing up, being given the compliment they’re to agree or disagree with and submit it and move on to enjoy their complimentary food for participating.


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