Luminaire Snowball Fight V (16-DEC, 2100, Luminaire)

(Commander A9) #22

I believe that was your Secret Santa gift. The Secret Santa gifts remain anonymous always. XD

(Commander A9) #23

To clarify, as I am becoming aware, the snowball fight is on the 16th, 2100, in EVE Time!

Check your calendars, and I’ll see ya’ll TOMORROW!

(Adrian Navale) #24

This event was one of the first player-run events i attended; great fun and recommended to all! Totally missed the post this year, so I’ll remember to donate a huge collection of launchers and fireworks for the next one! I’ll try to get online and take part in the Secret Santa, but i wish you all great fun tonight!

(Commander A9) #25

This is now, officially, a thing!

We scored coverage from the devs!

Thank you CCP Falcon and CCP Guard for contributing!

Apparently CCP Guard tweeted about it too!

(Kuro Seme) #26

@Commander_A9 hi there had a question about the secret santa.

I would love to participate in this but due to real life I dont know if I can make the event in game. Would this be an issue if I Couldn’t make it?

(Commander A9) #27

Not at all! If you can get your gift as close to Luminaire as possible, I’ll do the rest.

Just contract the gift to me directly labeled “Secret Santa.”

Secret Santa gifts will be exchanged AFTER the event so I’m not tied up with paperwork in the middle of it.

(Commander A9) #28

The donations this year have been immense and charitable, and I am grateful and flattered by the participation of this amazing community!

Here is a preview of some of the prizes to be awarded for tonight’s lightshows!

Lightshow 1 (2200)

  1. Santa’s Sleigh

  2. Krampus Is Angry

  3. Rock You Like A…

  4. Welcome To New Eden I

  5. The Red Makes It Go Fastah!

  6. Welcome to New Eden II

  7. Honorable Mention: Santa’s Reindeer

  8. Honorable Mention: Santa’s Reindeer

  9. Honorable Mention: Santa’s Reindeer

  10. Honorable Mention: Bad Boy Prize

Lightshow 2 (2230)

  1. See You In Your Nightmares

  2. Building Santa’s Workshop

  3. Perma-Frozen Farts and Firepower

  4. Nix This Party

  5. Searching for The North Pole

  6. Hearth and Home and Holiday Cheer

  7. Welcome To New Eden III

  8. Honorable Mention: Santa’s Reindeer

  9. Honorable Mention: Santa’s Reindeer

  10. Honorable Mention: Santa’s Reindeer

  11. Honorable Mention: Bad Boy Prize

Lightshow 3 (2330)

  1. Into The Abyssal

  2. It Really Is Full of Stars

  3. Have You Seen John Rourke?

  4. I’ll Be Good Next Year!

  5. Party Rabbit

  6. Welcome To New Eden IV

  7. Honorable Mention: Santa’s Reindeer

  8. Honorable Mention: Santa’s Reindeer

  9. Honorable Mention: Santa’s Reindeer

  10. Honorable Mention: Santa’s Reindeer

  11. Honorable Mention: Party People

  12. Honorable Mention: Bad Boy Prize

(Commander A9) #29

Be advised: Slight change in location.

The event will now be at Luminaire VII (Caldari Prime) - Moon 6 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant, NOT the Citadel!

The Citadel has this obnoxious no-lock range that surrounds the entire structure in close proximity.

(Blainy) #30

Have quick question have tried to locate site but search says does not exist I am new to game about 2months would like to see event and I have fireworks and launcher to add to fun please advise Thanks

(Mirielle Asaki) #31

Hey @Blainy, if you type “Luminaire” in the Seach New Eden box at the top left of your UI / screen, and then under Stations select Luminaire VII (Caldari Prime) - Moon 6 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant, you’ll find the ongoing party!

Welcome to New Eden!

(Retor Et) #32

It’s my first time at the “Lumiere” event and … I loved it !!!

Congratulations to all !!

Merry Christmas!!!

(Anataine Deva) #33

Still running.

(YooJin Moon) #34

My first Snowball in Luminaire event (I think)…the display off station was too fun but the lightshows were incredible and I learned the little things in Eve can make a lot of difference in how much fun it is! Thanks Commander A9! He put on an amazing display himself:

(Wunders Wuzi) #35

First timer here, great fun. Keep it up!

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #36

Wow what a party. All we needed was egg nog and a drunk fedo.

Collection of additional images are here:

Fireworks has improved much in the last few years.

CCP can we have deployable disco balls that when shot with beam weapons will reflect them? And party popper drones? That would be nice. :slight_smile:

Special thanks to Commander A9 for being one of Eve’s greatest MCs. o7

(Commander A9) #37

This party was absolutely insane!

And record-breaking!

I’m tracking at least 20 prizes per lightshow battle and over 100 Secret Santa gifts!

Which means…this is going to take me some time to process and organize, guys.

So, please, bear with me as I work my hardest to sort all this stuff out! Given that I can only create a maximum of 21 contracts at a time, this might take me some time…

Also, it turns out some people stuck their Secret Santa gifts all the way out in Jita, Hek, and other absurdly faraway places, so I gotta go get them! XD

Your patience is appreciated! I love you all!

(Holger Mad) #38

Event and light shows was super

(Commander A9) #39

I am pleased to announce the winners of the Lightshow Competitions! Though at this point, I think it is more fitting to refer to them as Lightshow Battles.

Note: Almost all ships came fully-fitted and with the skillbooks to fly them.

Lightshow 1:

1st Prize: Palps — Santa’s Sleigh: Dominix Navy Issue, Men’s YC119 Yoiul Festival Pants, 500 PLEX
2nd Prize: Alstevar Eastern — Krampus Is Angry: Abyssal-ready Gila with Women’s Gunner Jacket
3rd Prize: Tom Ocilithon — Rock You Like A…: Hurricane Fleet Issue with Exotic Dancers
4th Prize: Baron Redwolfe — Welcome To New Eden I: Federation Navy Comet with Women’s Serpentis T-Shirt and Alpha Injectors
5th Prize: John Endlend — The Red Makes It Go Fastah!: Leopard with SKINs
6th Prize: Shirazad — Welcome to New Eden II: Box of Kit and Gear, Rifter, Catalyst, and fitted Miasmos
7th Prize: Uriel Destiny — Santa’s Reindeer, Dasher: fitted Thrasher
8th Prize: Khaprice — Santa’s Reindeer, Dancer: fitted Catalyst
9th Prize: Cassandria Reinheart — Santa’s Reindeer, Prancer: fitted Thrasher
10th Place and Beyond: Bad Boy Prize — PVP-fit Rifter to the following winners:
Exelkar, Dancre, Krowk Azerate, MonkeyChuff Audui, Dominon Rollard, Isaak Altland, Annisir Kaugan, Lucius Cypherion, Lydia Wolfhammer, YooJin Moon, Ankuni DaVai, Coaxster, Ob8, Meldun Feralstar, Raik Rumsas

Lightshow 2:

1st Prize: Lucy Royal — See You In Your Nightmares: Nightmare for Incursions, 500 PLEX
2nd Prize: YooJin Moon — Building Santa’s Workshop: Mackinaw with Blueprint Copies, fit Miasmos
3rd Prize: Annisir Kaugan — Perma-Frozen Farts and Firepower: Fully-Fit Prospect “Burn and Huff” and fit Myrmidon
4th Prize: Akira Nojo — Nix This Party: Dominix with Party Fitting
5th Prize: Dancre — Searching for The North Pole: Stratios with Men’s SOE Expeditionary Suit
6th Prize: Alstevar Eastern — Hearth and Home and Holiday Cheer: Crane with supplies, in the name of Morwen Lagann
7th Prize: Starlord Macgreggor — Welcome To New Eden III: Caracel with Alpha Injectors, Women’s Capsuleer Elite XV Cap, Women’s Serpentis T-Shirt
8th Prize: Isaak Altland — Santa’s Reindeer, Vixen: fitted Catalyst
9th Prize: Bohan Apparadee — Santa’s Reindeer, Comet: fitted Thrasher
10th Prize: MonkeyChuff Auduin — Santa’s Reindeer, Cupid: fitted Catalyst
11th Place and Beyond: Bad Boy Prize — PVP-fit Rifter to the following winners:
Palps, Dragonlady 13, Holger Mad, Bobby5512 Hagine, Dominon Rollard, Onatural, Lucius Cypherion, Cassandria Reinheart, Lydia Wolfhammer, Tom Ocilithon, Khaprice, Chesty McBiggums, Exelkar, John Endlend, Jandice Ymladris, Anataine Deva, Ankuni DaVai, Uriel Destiny, Adamo Aldent, Shirazad, Aenn

Honorable Mention: FaV’s Development Inc corporation for its creation of an amazing “pentagram” type display, a toast to an amazing team effort!

Lightshow 3:
1st Prize: Jandice Ymladris — Into The Abyssal: Leshak, Entropic Disintegrator, Triglavian Survival Suit, Skillbooks, 500 PLEX
2nd Prize: Holger Mad — It Really Is Full of Stars: Praxis with Skill Extractor, Men’s and Women’s Genolution Combat Suit
3rd Prize: Palps — Have You Seen John Rourke?: Tempest Fleet Issue with Clear Skies fit, Skill Extractor, Quafe, crewmembers, and Mr. Smith
4th Prize: Alstevar Eastern — I’ll Be Good Next Year!: Vigilant with $150M-ISK Prostitute, X-Rated Holoreel, Synthetic Oil, and 6-pack of Quafe, Janitors to clean up the mess, Women’s Serpentis T-Shirt, and a Party on the Patio Package of 3 Crash Ultra, 3 Female Exotic Dancers, 2 Male Exotic Dancers, 10 Holoreels, 10 Long-Limb Roes, 10 Marines, 1 Militant, 1 Prisoner, 2 Scientist, 30 Spiced Wine, 20 Spirits, and 1 hapless Tourist
5th Prize: Exelkar — Party Rabbit: Gila with Party Loadout, Men’s Pithum Beret, Women’s Serpentis T-Shirt, Zainou ‘Gnome’ Shield Management SM-703 Implant
6th Prize: Lucy Royal — Welcome To New Eden IV: Tristan with Alpha Injectors, Men’s Capsuleer Elite XV Cap, Women’s Serpentis T-Shirt
7th Prize: Annisir Kaugan — Santa’s Reindeer, Donner: fitted Thrasher
8th Prize: Uriel Destiny — Santa’s Reindeer, Blitzen: fitted Catalyst
9th Prize: Chesty McBiggums — Santa Clause: fitted Thrasher
10th Prize: Meldun Feralstar — Santa’s Reindeer, Rudolph: fitted Catalyst (with a special red nose, a Target Painter II!)
11th Prize: Party People — Party-fitted Cormorants to the following winners:
Dragonlady 13, Bobby5512 Hagine, Leir’ia Aideron, Isaak Altland, Cassandria Reinheart
12th Prize and Beyond: Bad Boy Prize — PVP-fit Rifter to the following winners:
Lydia Wolfhammer, Khaprice, DJ Exectech, F00, John Endlend, Ankuni DaVai, Adamo Aldent, Avonrea Nilomhair, Shirazad, Yaewon Kim, Aenn, Tr1n1ty Anderson, Starlord MacGreggor

(Commander A9) #40

I want to especially thank our participants who broadcasted the event on their livestreams!

We’ve also managed to score some really awesome screenshots!

We also got some Youtube captures:

And a Reddit post!

131 votes and 14 comments so far on Reddit

From Discord’s Project Nova “EVE Online” room:

I overheard some really nice comments during the event (statements posted with permission)!:

Chesty McBiggums > My daughter is watching and now she wants to play the game too xD

Palps > this is more fun than any event ccp put out

(Commander A9) #41

Fabulous shoutout and all credit given to DJ Exectech and DJ Daggaroth from New Eden Radio for playing some awesome music for us!

In-Game Channel: New Eden Radio

Check them out for amazing tunes!