Luminaire Snowball Fight V (16-DEC, 2100, Luminaire)

(Chesty McBiggums) #42

Thank you for all the fun in the event it was awesome!!! my daughter said it was teh best fireworks she has seen in years lol :smiley:

(Palps) #43

An amazing event organized by amazing people. I, the emperor, am satisfied with such a grand display.

(Palps) #44

The true beauts of our show- Naughty People Fireworks!

(Commander A9) #45

I have begun contracting the prizes over to the winners! Be sure to accept your contracts as soon as possible!

(Uriel the Flame) #46

(Jandice Ymladris) #47

Thanks alot for all the effort you put into this Commander A9! It is an amazing event that continues to grow, year after year!

And as pointed out by some, the Firework show has come a long way from it’s humble beginnings & transformed into an event that can light up half a solar-system!
For folks interested in the early history of this event, I used to report on these events before RL & work consumed too much of my time:
Aurora News report of the 2013 Luminaire Snowball Festival
Aurora News report on the 2014 Luminaire Snowball Festival
The fireworks have come a long way since then!

Big thanks once more, it’s fun to see capsuleers from all over EvE joining together in a fun & harmless event. Even tho Concord made some fireworks themselves.
Always set safeties on green during these events folks! A misclick is easy made in all the firework shooting & snowball tossing & Concord doesn’t do second chances. Even a simple target painter pointer wrong is penalized by a Concord volley on your ship.

The firework competitions were amazing tho, so much dazzling fireworks!

(Exelkar) #48

hello i got a frig i guess i got for one of the boobie prizes but i also won the gila party in the 3rd light show and also never got my secret santa

(Annisir Kaugan) #49

I havent had Secret Santa either, I assume Commander A9 is still working through stuff.

(Anataine Deva) #50

Don’t worry, you’ll get your prizes or Secret Santas. It’s just so many of them and the Commander has only a limited amount of contract slots.

In the meantime you can look at more drone cam footage:

(MonkeyChuff Auduin) #51

Commander A9 that was great fun, cheers for sorting it out - you’re a star!
Unbelievable to have so many ships in one place and not trying to blow each other up (mostly).
Well done mate, and well done to those people who donated stuff for prizes and everyone who turned up.

Love it!

(Mia Villore) #52

Amazing event! This was my first year, and Commander A9 put on a first class show…and thank you to everyone who participated and donated! THIS is one of the reasons I keep playing!

(Commander A9) #53

Hello, New Eden!

All of the prizes for the three lightshow contests have been contracted!

The issue I’m running into, as our beloved attendants ask me where their Secret Santa gift is, is that I’m maxed out at 21 contracts…alot. I am unable to contract Secret Santa gifts over to their proper recipients until such time as more spaces for additional contracts become available.

Once you get your prize contract, please accept it as soon as possible so that others may also get their prize and gift!

I appreciate your patience as I work my hardest to contract these over as quickly as possible!

Update: I just completed the list of Secret Santa participants and gifted items. This has been quite the challenge this year since not only were there 100 participants, but some participants offered multiple items and even multiple ships! I’m going to check it twice and begin making the exchanges…after I eat dinner! XD Merry Christmas!

Update 2: I have begun issuing the Secret Santa contracts! I’m still running into the same issue, though-maxed out on contracts and waiting for open spots! Accept your gifts as soon as possible, please!

Also, for more intel on events such as mine and Permafrost, be sure to check out the in-game channels, “Live Events,” and the CCP-based “Content” channel, “Events,” for all the latest happenings on player-run and Agency-based events!

(Commander A9) #54

Hello, New Eden!

At this time, all of the Secret Santa gifts have been contracted to the appropriate recipients. I thank you all for your patience!

This event was a smashing success and I am humbled to have been the host to so many people! What is Live Events without the people? Everyone stepped up amazingly well to contribute, fund, and supply this event, and we set a record for Secret Santa participants (99)!

Be sure to check out “Events” and “Live Events” channels for future events!

See you all around!