Luna Rosa Industrial Corporation - RLIC

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Rosa Luna Industrial Corporation - RLIC

The Rosa Luna is first and foremost a place for people that wish to be part of a corporation that views its member as members and not numbers on a list. In the Rosa Luna members opinions and suggestions are taken into account when making small and large decisions that would impact everyone. In this way the corporation will do most decisions by a voting process without shares involved in most instances to give everyone the chance to put forth their opinions. We will be accepting alpha and experienced players alike but will reject any form of drama or people that just wish to cause trouble.

Rosa Luna’s primary goal as a corporation is to give a stable base of operations for those that wish to get into industrial play such as mining, hauling, manufacturing and the like. You could consider Rosa Luna as a company in the business of trade with branches within said company providing the resources. These branches would be the individual jobs that the players have taken upon themselves to support the growth of Rosa Luna but will still be members of Rosa Luna or from within the alliance. With that said as with any company we will need a base of operations and will be moving to building our own Citadel when we can, but this is also one of the goals of the corporation.

The absolute rule of Rosa Luna is to keep two things in mind, one is do what you find fun and interesting, don’t let your self feel like you are stuck running in one direction. The second is real life first. We wish to have talkative members that are online often, but that in no way mean you should feel obligated to be online 24/7. Take care of the real life before the EVE life and do not feel pressured.

Rosa Luna Industrial Corporation

  • Traders / Miners / Haulers / pvp escorts and all other industrial roles welcome.
  • 0.5 and under average sec down to null sec.
  • New and old players alike are welcome, accepting Alpha and Omega with no skill requirements.
  • Discord channel available though still in the works - Discord
  • Standing alliance with The Argo Navis and in coalition Space Cadets

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I’ve never joined a corp before, but I have an alt that is a hauler/trader. Some questions, understanding that I’m unfamiliar with player corp dynamics:

  1. Your corp has 2 members. That doesn’t seem very big, or like a corp that has many resources to offer members.
  2. What would be the advantage of joining your corp vs. continuing to haul/trade from within an NPC corp?
  3. How does a hauling corp handle wardecs?


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Unfortunately I am no longer part of the corporation in question, The above edit to my post is my corporation that consists of 3 people including me at this time. We may only have 3 members but we are in an alliance with The Argo Navis corporation, and part of the alliance Space Cadets which is part of the coalition canopus.

Currently the best thing you could say about this corporation is the alliance and the coalition, but for the corporation in it self then I would have to say that ,being as new as it, people will have more of a chance to mold what the corporation will be in the future. We have a set goal that is expected to be expanded on as we get more people and as a hauler or trader you would be able to get escorts for travel as we fill in these positions.

Currently the basic response to a wardec is to avoid specific high traffic areas, stay in our 0.5 or so and trade with the nearby areas. If we can get an escort from the alliance then that’s when we can move into high pop areas for trade if needed. If we are in trouble we can also call for help from said alliance and the coalition through the discord channel they provide through The Argo Navis.

If your still interested you can message me directly in game for any more questions or clarification on thing’s that I might not have covered in the way you wished.

Thanks for looking at the page for the other corporation though, and thank you for the reply :).

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