Lunar Legion | Join us in Oz | Newbro Corp

Follow the yellow brick road to Cloud Ring and your next big adventure!

LL is a newly refomed corp back from the dead and ready to kick ass in style!

What we offer-

  • Low tax rate

  • Facilities for industry of all kinds

  • Tight knit group that helps each other and is social

  • Regular pvp fleets with integrated NPSI

  • LOTS of money making opportunities!

  • Regular PvP fleets and training fleets

  • Memes!

  • Handout ships! I spend iskies so you can keep your iskies!


  • USTZ most active tz
  • Must be Omega
  • A sense of humor
  • Working mic

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Ability to graduate to our sister corp OPATH for pilots that find they like the more “Elite” side of things

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Bump! Still recruiting!!


Looking for pvp’ers and newbros interested in stealth shenanigans

All about the Memes!

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