LF Corp! 122M SP Returning Player | PVP

Just returned after a break, As the title states I have 122M SP & from the UK! 38y/o

I’m very capable in pvp solo & in small/large groups I do have a working mic I can make my own ISK to fund PVP,
I also enjoy indy stuff (Have nearly perfect orca boosts). Also Cap ready JDC V JFC V JDO V (Nid & Moros) Might be a few things for caps I’m missing due to me just returning.

Also not sure if it’s helpful just got Upwell Hauler V if structures ect need moving around (just injected so I could get the Deluge new blockade runner) lol

Some of the main things I like & dislike!

Black Op’s (capable sin pilot) Use to Blops with Pizza and Black Legion back in the day
Industry Mining, Building
Roams, Big fights, Being Logi Shield & Armour (maxed logi skills)
Would like to try and have a chance to fc small gangs if possible
Either low sec or 0.0 (have no allegiance to any alliance) so any where I’m open to

Gate camping in high sec
Alarm clocking for fights (been there done it I’m getting to old)

Cheers for reading, mail me in game or drop a message below

EDIT- The only FW I would join is Gallente, Thanks for the offers!

hey bro, loving your post. We do all of what you listed! Im the CEO of Legion Ascending, a PVP/Indy focused corp. We are EU/US based. We are also a part of the Gentlemen’s Club alliance.

We have loads of moons to mine, plenty of PVP daily, no required PAPs, and our corp FCs blops, in which we need a Sin! we dont have any sins and i want one for our fleet lol. We do roams, ESS hunting, you name it.

Our corp is based on its members, meaning our members have a say in the future of the corp. We dont have leaders who make magnanimous decisions and decide the whole corp moves one day. We discuss everything when it comes to the future of the corp because in the end we are a group of buddies who enjoy playing together, blowing people up, and talking smack to each other lol. We will either rise together, or fall together.

Come give us a visit and see what you think, would be happy to chat with you in comms.

Thanks for reaching out mate, sounds interesting I’ll keep yous in mind!

High volume content means high volume supply needs. Tons of small gang content in FW, alongside massive strategic fights against notable blocs.

Thanks for the offer but if i was to join FW again it would only be Gallente!

Hi and welcome back,

We tick all your boxes so come have a chat on our community discord and check out our full advert below…


You have pretty much described everything that we are running up here.PVP wise we are very active and atm running a campaign up south which includes the usually fleet formations, aswell as small gang routine.

Here’s a bit about us, so if anything might sound good enough, hop in for a chat.


We might be a potential fit for you, we have semi-decent indy facility access too.

Still looking!

Cherry Defense Systems is a USTZ corp in a EUTZ alliance. We are an indy corp that does corp roams 1-2 times a week, where you would get the opportunity to FC. We do have a Blops enthusiast whom I’ve promised to go camping with, so you’ve got dps covered in USTZ, and having a shield logi would make our tackle feel much safer. We typically have 3-4 people available to pvp, and like 20 alts mining on a normal Friday afternoon. A nice buyback program… There are daily alliance pve fleets for cruiser logi in EUTZ, and of course we form strong for all of the Goons vs Panfam hull timers. We do mining ops in lowsec and J-space, and tip scout/boost/escort ships fairly. It is a profitable corp to be in, and I earned 90bil this month.

Check us out brother!

Gallente FW :slight_smile:

Check us out. We are a cool corp in vast null sec. Lots of content: