Lv 1-4 mission running

Hello my eve brothers and sisters. Greetings CCP.

I have been playing from 2009. My game play type is new bro training in pve content high sec. Yes a professional care-bear :bear: :joy:. I have well over 8000 hours in mission running. No kills :eyes:

I would like to request that a view is taken at the lv 1-4 mission running to encourage group playing between new and old bros. Right now there is absolutely no incentive to group running missions.

I feel that a small change even as much as adding more enemies based on the size of the fleet could go a tremendous way towards encouraging new subscribers whom are interested in the more PVE content.

I’ve never wrote a post before but I feel This is tremendously important as I do a lot of new bro training, and there is a select some that are not interested in PVP so much as just like being in the universe knowing that there are big things going on around them but not participating so much as view.

I do understand the push into PVP content but there are a large sum of players who are not interested in the militaristic part of group battles.

I have a tremendous respect for PVP focus players in the game but there is a very large player base that is: “care Bears and this is just the content that we enjoy.
Based on how many players I interact with that are new on A daily basis that are focused on this pve Content I know that it would encourage new subscribers just making small adjustments to the level 1 to 4 missions.

Thank you for this amazing game CCP. I look forward to many years of growth seeing this wonderful universe flourish.


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You could look at doing the fleets as a way to boost standings, considering standings are shared with up to 10 fleet members. Use smaller ships to actively encourage group play as well. Like for L3s use cruisers. L4’s use battlecruisers. Gives a challenge to it.

Correction! You have 11 kill-mails: neoconstaen | Character | zKillboard

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And I agree with you OP. I love mission running and would love to see it revamped instead of such a strong focus in adding instanced gameplay but people like us have been asking for years and CCP doesn’t care. It’s a business and they are trying to find fast injections into the game to ramp up PLEX sales and their micro transactions. Improving upon current PVE gameplay doesn’t seem to be any kind of focus for them.

lol i ment kills

after a few years like that its just not worth it really or fun for them. can just solo them super easy so no incentive.

need a group incentive to add real (worth) to it.

standing are split next to nothing in a group so really no incentive for group at all. good for 5 mins as you wait for your skills but thats it. no really group encouragement

I know how standings are split, I run with a service that raises standings for others… 50% split if its just two people, then it goes down from there until 10 people are in fleet… if 11 peeps are in fleet, then someone randomly does not get standings.

i’m just trying to give you some different ideas man… thats why i suggested using smaller class ships to run L3’s and L4’s to make more of a challenge…

How can you play for more than a decade and have no kills? How can you even look yourself in the mirror?

like this :eyes: o7 thanks for the feed back, not everyone is pvp homie

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I hope we get a change this year to see some group encouragement in (this) pve content.

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iirc I proposed a while back to replace the standard mission rats with advanced A.I. similar to FOB rats to make missions more exciting. To balance things out make them fewer ofc.

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I Will also love to see some changes for the better, regarding mission running. I’m member of a corp that runs missions everyday, we try to make them challenging, spice them up, create content around them, specially for new players and members. Everyone thinks we are crazy when i say we fleet up and do level 4s on frigates… Mostly T1 frigates…


get enough of those fudgy T1 ships and it should be pretty easy to tackle most of the L4’s id say. Especially if you have really tanky/kitey Frigs.

One vet runs a trig frigate, so he tanks pretty much all incoming damage, the rest just swarm like mosquitoes. Shooting BS’s with frigates has quite a relaxing factor, and makes the “1st day newbro” feel good, useful, and shows that bigger is not always better


I like the idea in general a lot. A sprucing up of the level 4’s would be great, some of the solo bs are not as good as others and may not stand up to a lot of it w/out work. Maybe expansion by means of new level 5 missions in high which would tend to lean towards supporting decent group content, so people just now hitting current lvl 4 would not feel so shafted, but instead have a further goal to shoot for?

Regardles, yeah, would like to see new content in this ‘stale’ arena.


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The problem with revamping missions ( which yes they added a few new L2 missions) is it’s all wrapped up in :spaghetti: code, and CCP would no doubt break something. They’ve mentioned in the past, but the ones who were attempting to, left if I’m not mistaken. Which is why we been getting new pve content instead.

I don’t see them bringing L5s back to hisec. That would make the few in losec scream.

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IDK. More content would be nice, but the nullbears cry like ■■■■ when they balance missions. Something about risk aversity? LOL. “Your multi billion ISK marauder shouldn’t be allowed to make as much as my semi AFK Ishtar because you’re in hisec”.

That combined with the aforementioned shitcoding from days of yore pretty much keep the idea grounded.

Honestly, mad props to CCP for boosting the marauders (twice now) and giving missions a boost laterally.

One other thing is that they do seem to be pleasing some of the fanbase with trigravy yins and condom forces or whatever. I don’t blame them for focusing on stuff that people like.

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The problem with any improvements to missions is that anyone who understands how the mission code was written probably quit at least 7 years ago. There is plenty of room for obvious improvements that nobody actually knows how to implement.

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