Lvl 1 security mission too hard?

So I played through the tutorial ages ago. Tried picking up EVE again and the re-learn has always chased me away. Finally sat down to play and after some menu stumbling I found out how to get an agent mission started; level 1 security.

Now my problem is I keep dying. Every time I activate the gate I show up around a debris field with ten or eleven hostile vessels that all significantly outgun/class me. I maybe fire off a few shots in retreat before they converge and tear me apart.

Is there something I’m missing? Is level one just extremely widely varied in difficulty? Is there a way to decant the listings of available mission agents to only the ones that offer intro-level missions?

what ship are you trying to use??

So you did the tutorial, but did yo do the career missions?

Those will give out some of the skills needed plus a destroyer which easily should dispatch any ship that L1 gives you to fight against.

I am currently using the base Velator that you get for free when you get blown up.
I can’t find anything relating to career missions either.

Well yea, the corvette is not in any shape to fight in a L1 security mission. Thats just the starter ship for moving around from place to place or if you lose a ship, traveling to a close trade hub.

you can go to the Agency and look for career agents close to your area, and they’ll give you 10 missions each.

You can either Do Agents & Missions> Agent Finder or Agents & Missions> Career Agents When you click on Agency


Just pick one set of career agents and earn some knowledge and better ships. About 10m ISK mission reward help to buy some proper guns, too.

As you’re in a Velator: Either Couster, Trossere, or Clellinon should be around the corner. These systems are really safe and give you a good start.
Well chosen, fellow Gallente :wink:


Yes, definitely run the career agent missions. Also, do note that you can double the velator’s damage (useful for career agent missions, until they give you a frigate) by pulling off the civilian gun, trashing the ship, pressing the board corvette button (which will generate a new corvette with a civilian gun already fitted), and then fitting the first civillian gun to it. Boom, you now have two guns fitted.

You might also consider checking out the SoE epic arc after finishing the career agent missions.

Welcome back. Hopefully you find your groove this time. And if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


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