LVL1 mission NOOb question

Hi guys,
I started playing EVE few days ago and I am performing LVL1 missions very good.
My questions are:

  1. How can I decide to upgrade my missions to LVL2? How can I know if my ship, my skills are enough strong to succeed to the enemies?
  2. Is, for instance, the Cormoran a beginner ship or I can upgrade it in order to perform very high level missions in the next weeks/months?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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  • Be sure to make your whole 5 career agents before you start missions.
  • typical ship for missions are : L1 frigate/destroyer, L2 cruiser, L3 BC, L4 BS. You can do otherwise but without the knowledge this is suicidal.
  • the moment you can start doing the missions of a level is when you can fit the ship with corresponding ship and gun skills at 3 . When you do L3, you also need to have repper system T2 installed.
    Example, if you want to do L3 with caldari missiles, you need to have caldari BC 3, heavy missiles 3, and the T2 large shield extender and shield regen modules.
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Thank you, very precious feedback.
However is there any way to understand the level of your enemies?
If a found (with exploration) in NullSec a combact site: how can understand if my ship is strong enough to win the fight?

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Information from these web pages and might be useful for you to find out what to expect in specific mission or site.

If rats don’t use warp disruptor/scram then you should be able to warp off, repair, refit or change ship and try again if they are too strong.

Also pay attention about rat waves… sometimes you might find combat site where more than wave of rats is active because it was triggered by someone before you.

Then if you see too many enemies then just escape.

If you don’t warp to combat site at 0 km but in some distance then you should have enough time to evaluate the situation.


Easiest way to judge difficulty with your standard combat sites is based off security level of the system. 1.0 being the easiest, Null being the hardest. Not including emerging conduits or any invasion site, or any site that would require scanning to find.

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First of all, welcome to EVE.

The folks above answered your questions and I will just add something else here.

In order to progress from L1 to L2 you need corporation standings to be eligible to run then (beside ship, skill, etc.). You will get them gradually by doing L1’s and after every 14th mission you get special (in game email) mission which will hugely boost your corporation and faction standings (which you need to get to higher level missions). You will get to L2 very fast and likely you are eligible to run them already.

Cormorant is good to go for L2. Not the best one, but doable one. It doesn’t mean that you can’t die in L2 in it. L2 are designed to go through them easily in a basic cruiser. Higher missions are designed for stronger ships than Cormorant.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t do higher level missions in Cormorant however, but it’s challenging. You can even do some L4 in Cormorant but likely not as a new player and it will be very slow, inefficient and painful (for anyone questioning this, you can run the 1st pat of Recon L4 mission in MWD cormorant easily :slight_smile: ).

Cormorant has very strong point in projecting not exactly big DPS into very long distance, which opens pvp application for it. If you get 30, 40, 50 dudes in it, then it’s deadly to other small ship comps with incredible fast locking time and agility. It wrecks havoc. Cormorant is basic, yet very strong ship when applied under right circumstances. Not for pve sadly. But each ship has purpose and strong points.

If you scan site in null sec, then it’s not security mission from agent (L1 to L5), but instead it is combat signature (whole different chapter). Put the name in google and add Eve university and it will open EVE uni page with informations which you need to know about the mission. It is too large topic to cover it here. But generally, nul sec signatures are designed for way stronger ships than cormorant and you will also need some experience to run them. You will get there in time (aim for T3 cruiser or battleship)

Another thing is for what faction and what corporation do you run security missions?

For security missions from agents (L1-L5) you get 2 types of reward. One type is ISK and the amount is probably laughable in L1. But you also get loyalty points (most important). You can buy things (faction modules ) from loyalty point store for the loyalty points (and ISK, which you get in missions), and sell these things for ISK in market to other players. Important question is what people need and hence what modules to sell. It is huge market. Loyality points is where the reward is. L2 won’t give you much. L3 only in specialized cases (blitz in low sec), L4 will give you easily 100+ mils in high sec if run properly ( even more possible). L5 is specific beast to be run only in low sec, very rewarding, but not for new players. But you will get there eventually.

Reward from the agent depend on security status (high sec 1.0 to 0.5 etc.) of the system where your agent is located ( lower better). Hence, running security missions in low sec or null sec will give you more than running them in high sec.

Amount of loyalty point which you get depends only on the security status of the agent where it is located.

EVE is incredibly rich world. Go out, try and experiment. Don’t be afraid of loss, send me your loss mail of your cormorant from L2 if you will accidentally die (T2 fit - maximum, no faction, dead space, etc.) anything pve or pvp if somebody killed you in low sec, and I will replace that during next weekend.




Thank you mate: much appreciated!

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I’m going to talk a little about standings and how they apply to PVE.

There are the main NPC “empires”, Amarr, Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar. Each of these empires has a set of NPC corporations, and the NPC corporations have agents.

You, the player, talk to these agents and run the missions they give you. As you successfully complete the missions, you gain “standing” with the agent and the NPC corporation they are part of. You also gain some standing with the empire that NPC corporation is part of, but at a lower rate. Once you standing has risen by a certain amount with the NPC corporation, you will gain access to higher level agents in that NPC corporation that have harder/higher level missions. Over time you work your way up to the higher level agents, and your standing with the empire also gradually climbs as well.

One detail to be aware of are the ‘storyline’ missions. When you complete a certain number of regular missions with an agent, you will receive a message from a different agent telling you they have a special mission for you. The rewards will be significantly better that the regular missions, but there is a catch. These special missions ask you to directly fight against NPC ships from one of the other main empires and when you do that your standing with the other empire will go down.

If your standing with an empire gets too low, their NPC navy will start attacking you, even in hisec. Concord will NOT protect you from this.

You can reject these storyline missions without any serious penalty to your standings.

Even without doing these storyline missions, you can lose standing with other empires. A little bit of lore needs to be mentioned here. Caldari and Gallente used to be a single empire but Caldari broke away. Caldari and Gallente are not good friends because of this. The same is true with Amarr and Minmatar.

There is a hidden alliance between Amarr and Caldari, and another hidden alliance between Gallente and Minmatar. If you are running missions for Amarr NPC corporations, you will gradually build up standing with the Amarr empire AND with the Caldari, but you will slowly lose standing with Minmatar and Gallente.

You can balance this out by switching around which NPC corporations you run missions for. Every empire has NPC stations with agents from the other empires, so no matter where you are in NPC empire space (all of hisec and losec and a very small amount of nulsec), you should be able to find agents for the other empires so you can keep your standing with all the empires from going too low.

Now another matter about missions. Loyalty Points (LP’s). Every NPC corporation has a “store” that sells stuff, ammunition, modules, whole ships, implants, blueprints for building stuff. You need LP’s to buy from an NPC corporation’s loyalty store, BUT each NPC corp has it’s own separate LP’s. If you run missions for NPC corp A, you will earn LP’s for corp A but those LP’s only work for corp A, those LP’s do not work in the store of NPC corp B. Most NPC corp loyalty points CANNOT be exchanged for loyalty points with a different NPC corp. Once you have earned LP’s with NPC corp A, you’re stuck with those points. There are a couple of NPC corps that can convert their LP’s but they are a special case and as a new player you’re not ready for their missions.

Not all NPC corp stores are equally good, they do not all sell the exact same items. Doing some research to look at what different NPC corp stores offer is useful. If you run a lot of missions for NPC corp A but their store doesn’t offer items you want, you might be better off running missions for NPC corp B where their store has items you do want.
Looking at the NPC corp store items in-game isn’t simple but there are some player made web sites that can be used to see what is in the store of each NPC corp. This isn’t something I do a lot personally, but here is a site I know that does this. Other players may be able to suggest other similar sites.

There are also skills you can train that improve the rewards you get from missions.

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