Stuck between Lvl 2-3 missions

I’ve been doing missions in a Thrasher with t1modules for a while. It worked well, even the angel cartel epic arc. So I start with level 3 missions, been careful I can do them, but it takes a bit more time. Then I tried a Rupture, very slow, but more secure. Even thought I don’t have many drone skills and only Cruiser I and medium turret I. So it takes time also. What should I do? Improve skills for T2 modules in the destroyer? Keep with level 2 missions a bit more? Improve my skills with the cruiser? What is recomendable?

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get into Hurricane and work on your gunnery support skills.


Firstly, at low skill levels, completing Level 3 security missions in a cruiser, let alone a destroyer is a fair achievement - and will be slow. Normally people will recommend a battlecruiser for it as @Ms Steak has done. She also recommends looking at your gunnery skills, which is also sound advice.

Firstly, having a T2 tank is something you want sooner rather than later - you’ve reached that stage where it will be of great value to you. Also, look at the bonuses you get. The Rupture has listed for each level of Minmatar Cruiser skill a 5% bonus to weapon damage and a 5% rate of fire bonus - so just training up from level 1 to level 3 is going to be a major improvement in your firepower. Level 4 is normally a good place. Add it making sure you’ve good gunner skills - medium turret 1? heck, you are missing another 5% damage per level there. Surgical Strike, Rapid firing, all improve DPS. Motion Prediction helps with application (how “good” a hit is). A few percent here, a few percent there - you can almost double the damage you do with appropriate skill training.

There is a similar thing for tanking - the skills have bonuses, some hulls do. Play to the strengths.
And the basic fitting skills to allow you to get more (and better) modules on the ship.

That point between Level 2 and Level 3 is where you move from relatively simple to needing to invest in the level of your skills. Eve is different to most other games - there is little instant gratification, you mature and grow with time. The skill system is built around that, but more importantly with time comes experience.

If you are able to run Level 3 missions now, then stay with them (but you will loose a ship at some point) - you’ll gain standing and income more quickly than just grinding Level 2. But get the basics sorted out and you’ll find they’ll make life easier in the missions, and the basic skills will serve you well whatever you fly.


I think you need to ask yourself what you enjoy flying the most, Missions are best run in BS’s they are the highest dps and fastest but all types of ship’s can earn isk doing different thing’s such as frig’'s in abyss destroyers in faction warfare cruisers in Ded’s and such.

Rather choose a play style you enjoy and ships you enjoy and go from there.


Id say stick with the lv2s since they seem to be working, give it a few days for skills to catch up then move to lv3s. And as said by others jumping up to the hurricane is probably a decent idea. With decent skills a hurricane with cut through lv3s like butter.


Get Gnosis. Passive shield tank will be enough for L2 missions and active tank on the very same ship - L3 level missions. With low skill char you can hardly find better choice.


Everybody posted great advice.

Definitely work on getting T2 fit like @Terak_Romaller said. Also don’t be in a rush to jump into higher level ship and missions. Like @Chainsaw_Plankton stated, stick with lv 2 missions and train up your skills before diving deep into lv 3 missions.

All I can add is remember the 5 P’s - Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.


Thank you all for your nice responses. I think I’ll go with Gnosis, while I’m sorting the skill out.

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You can do lvl 4missions solo in a tristan. \o/

Just about the only thing that will drive you out are turrets that hit over 100km

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