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Hello everyone! I’ve been playing for about 2 weeks now and I’m really enjoying it so far!

Once you’re done with the beginning station what do you do next if you want to pursue a career in Military/Security?

I’m under the understanding that you just do level 1 missions until you have a good enough standing with the level 2 npcs start giving you the level 2 missions? Is that correct? Or is their a better way?

It just seems like I have been doing missions for the same level 1 npc and some of the missions are the same.


The pool for L1 missions isn’t very large unless you branch out to try to do L1’s for other empires, some can mingle between the empires and others are specific.

but basically yes, you are on the path. Once you reach 1.0 standing with the corp you are running, then you’ll get L2 missions 3.0 will be L3 missions and 5.0 will be L4 missions. If you are Omega pilot, you can run L4’s.

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A word of warning, running missions against the 4 major empires (i.e. missions where you kill Amarr, Galente, Caldari, or Minmitar NPC’s) can quickly wreck your standings, which will negatively impact your ability to travel and operate within their space. Of course, standings can always be fixed, but it might require a fair bit of effort. On the other hand, such missions are reportedly more lucrative as a result of fewer people running them (a lot of the money comes from the tags that drop as loot). Regardless, you might want to stick with missions that would have you kill pirates, mercenaries, and rogue drones until you are sure that you’re okay with wrecking your standings with one of the 4 major empires.

Welcome to Eve \o/

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Do the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc. Talk with Sister Alitura in the Sisters of Eve station in the Arnon system.

Keep in mind there are many other things to do besides missions in Eve…


What do I do with the tags that drop? Just sell them? I have a ton.

The quickest and easiest thing to do is to sell them. But you should be able to make more if you’re willing to a little extra work in order to find out what are the most profitable items to buy from the LP store with those tags.

This can be applied to ALL PvE activities in EVE eventually.

If you run Level 4 missions for months, you will eventually seen them all and it becomes a chore (Also why it is possible to find optimized ship fits and tactics for them)

If you run combat anomalies constantly, eventually you know how to maximize and prioritize all the anomalies.

etc. etc.

PvE is programmed, scripted events, they become predictable.
If you like unpredictable pew-pew activities, PvP is the way.

A nice way to combine them, Faction Warfare.
You can pew pew other players, while also doing the FW complexes to gain LP (and indirectly this equals ISK). The only “downside” would be standing hits with opposite factions.


I think from time to time it is fun to try well known missions in different ships and setups.
E.g. each of my char fought Dagan in a different ship using different weapons. And sometimes even with different skills - a 20m SP Char is working differently to an one week old char.

JPoll is totally right, eve’s pve is quite repetitive and predictable. What makes things interesting in eve, even if you don’t actively do pew pew, is that pve is done in a pvp environnement: while ratting/missioning you can be attacked, when trading or doing industry you compete with other players, etc
One exception: abyssal sites, with random npcs waves
Also, try exploration, which is, by nature, unpredictable

I just feel like the ship and setup that I have going I’m just destroying level 1 missions and not getting anywhere. Is there any way to do something harder?

I switch back and fourth between mining, exploration and security to break things up a little.

I just need more of a challenge.

I don’t really see a point in doing pvp with only being two weeks in. I mean every time I’ve encountered another player I’m dead in seconds.

Actually, a player can participate in pvp fleets from day one. Fleets need scouts and fast tackle.

When you switch between different corps (if you are) that makes the progress longer to go up to level 2 for that same corp. Every 16 missions for the same level agent, in the same faction, gets you a storyline mission that storyline mission can raise the faction standings which in turn can open up missions for the entire faction when you get to a certain standing.

One of the social skills allows you to skip to level 2 missions right away, if you train it. Connections, I think.

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Yea connections is what we used when i was with USIA to have clients raise to get cheaper rates on certain jobs that used effective standings…

Because the OP seems a little lost I’m going to post this link to a very old topic:

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