LvL 4 Distribution/special security storyline mission what to bring

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excuse my bad title. So I got a storyline mission while doing distribution missions. That boosts standing extra. But its a security mission where I have to attack pirates to get a crate. I dont know what ship I should bring. Since its a lvl 4 mission. If u have any ship ideas would be appreciated plus fit.

fly safe o7

Exact mission name would welcome. But search for it here: and you should get idea of what you are against.


your question is more or less “i have something to do, i won’t tell you what it is, but i ask you how to do it”


You bring the best & biggest ship ya got, mate. Down a couple boosters, bring missiles, a cloak if ya got one, ECM jammer, plenty of rounds and OH some shields would help.
Fly Safe o7

knowing the name of the mission would have given us the best chance of helping you.

If you don’t have any good advice, don’t give any.
A cloak is the last thing anyone doing a difficult mission wants. It reduces your scan resolution making things take longer to lock and is useless as long as anything has you locked.
Actually, changed my mind. ECM is even more useless. It’s weak if not on a bonused hull, and doesn’t actually prevent anything from locking YOU, just other things.
Be careful with boosters and overheating too. If you overheat too long, you can burn out your modules, and any booster above Synth potency (Standard/Improved/Strong) can carry some side effects which might make you worse off from taking it.

If you got no sense of humor, don’t reply.

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Sense of humor and poor jokes don’t pair well with clueless newbies that can’t tell what is advice or terrible prank.


Easiest way: Type the mission title and “eve online” into google. Chances are high you’ll find a mission description and even a walkthrough.
Google works very well regarding EVE.


You may as well have said you need someone to help you with a game. Try and be specific.

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