[LYCHN] Space Rescue & Medicine Program

Greetings citizens of New Eden,

I am pleased to announce the launch of the Space Rescue & Medicine Program, that Lychnus offers after the acquirement of a Nestor, a large size vessel.

This is an opportunity for new and experienced explorers, researchers and medical staff to work under a united umbrella, in a peaceful environment, by sharing their knowledge, exchanging opinions and providing their skills for the greater good.

The hull is currently fitted with the latest advanced technologies and a large bay of unmanned and deployable crafts that offer versatile functionalities. More specifically, there are modules to proficiently identify and analyze artifacts and guarded computer systems, remote repair systems, advanced long range scanners, research and development laboratories, medical and examination facilities and a large command center.

The Space Rescue & Medicine Program is able to help those in need, thanks to a wide band of signal transceivers, that allows easy access to an emergency ping network.

The necessary personnel for the vessel’s core operations has been already handpicked over the last months, but there are still open positions and equal opportunities, for those who are interested to get involved.

Feel free to reach out to us at our public communication link “Lychnus PR” .

Fly safe, Fly together !

Mimi Hennver,
Lychnus CEO


This is good news. I wonder what the name of the Nestor is.

I’d like to learn more about this. For quite a while I’ve been looking for (someone to develop) something similar for use on the C3SRC (Coordination Channel for Consolidated Space Rescue Cooperation) and I’m hoping what you are using may fit the bill. Additionally, if you would like to become an operator of the channel, I’d welcome it.


We have been deploying small beacons for a while, in a large area of known space, creating the emergency network that I’ve mentioned above. It was quite hard to achieve, as well as costly.

I am pleased to hear that you are interested over this. I will be happy to coordinate the channel and help any way I can.

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