M0LE - Wants YOU!

Thanks for taking the time in seeing who we are.

M0LE is a WH corp/alliance, with aspirations to grow, slowly and steadily.

All languages are welcome, however english is our primary language.

How are we different from other groups, you ask?

We believe in you! You’re not just a number! Thats what is different.

We give you the power to make decisions for the corp moving forward.

We dont tax you out of your butt and we want to help you get the best experience possible with us as we grow together.

We try provide the best ATMOSPHERE for you!

If you think this is aligns with your values please invite us or join our public chat M0LE Public to find out more about us.

God speed and much love to you all! :heart:

Shameless bump

Shamless Bump

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