Macbook Air M1 and M2 heat up

Hey CCP I have a problem. I play EvE on Macbook Air M1 and M2. So, both of them run game on low settings very very good! But after 20th y event was launched MB started to heat up. Not too much. But when I join Faction Warfare and warp on Scout, Small, Medium… sites it’s really hard! I assume that is because of clouds.

Question: how to turn it off? It is possible? And why this is starts after event?

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Bump! Somebody can tag some CCP? Or, @CCP_Swift please can you guide me to who I can address my issue?

I’m playing Eve on a MacBook Air with M2. I have almost all settings on low. The game is going great so far. There is one exception: Homefront Operations. The fog there in the sites is displayed and makes the processor glow. I think it’s a shame that there’s no way to turn it off. I would love to do the sites with my friends, but the temperatures are too tricky for me.

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The problem in faction wars with fog and clouds warms macbook m1 and in training the same situation in general where there is fog and clouds can not play and it’s a pity that there is no way to disable in the settings fog sorry and the question appeared solution to this problem ?

I have same issue with intel based mpb (i9 + AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 GB). Heating is not new, but lags inside FW plexes after release are unbearable even when everything is on low/off. On top of that i’m having mouse shutters and barely able to control camera.

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