Machariel for 0.0 ratting?

Hi everyone.
I know the VNI ratting fit.
Id like to know if a good fit Machariel is good for ratting and doing DED sites in null?

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I haven’t had any personal experience ratting in a mach, however I have seen mentions of smartbombs machs for running sites. You may find some useful information if you search for that.

Low: damage mods + dmc
Med: afterburner, 2 invuls, large gist booster, shield boost amp
high: 800 T2
rigs: cap rigs
drones: well…drones.

I was using it for angels ratting.

to do DED sites, yes it can be used
for ratting, it seems, to me, overpriced, specially with the local blackout. Take any cheaper BS, it will do the job. Dominix works well for example
But yes mach can be used for ratting.

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