Machariel PVE fit

Hello friends,

I have not played in a very long time. Was looking for a lvl 4 / epic arc Machariel blitzing fit that you use?

Isk is no object to me but don’t want to paint a huge target on my back for gankers.

So read that as looking for a very efficient yet slightly blinged out Machariel fit for blitzing lvl4s and maybe doing epic arcs? Maybe in the 2 bil or slightly above range but def not like crazy expensive and attracting gankers.

Any suggestions?

Thank you for your time.

Ship fits do not attract gankers. You get ganked because it’s hilarious not because you put bling on your ship.


If I was You, I would start by checking this Machariel fit on eveworkbench.

In addition, I recommend reviewing the treasure trove of knowledge of the player HateLesS, for whom - unfortunately - the cyno has been lit prematurely.

His eveworkbench: Profile of HateLesS | EVE Workbench
His YT channel:

Fly safe, returning Capsuleer o7


What happened to HateLesS?

Update - I’ve been watching his videos for months without having any idea he passed away earlier this year. That’s terrible! Fly safe out there IRL, guys. The cyno is not yet lit.

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