Upcoming Machariel Change

So with the upcoming Machariel change, does this make it slightly less or more effective as the L4 blitz workhorse? (-1 low slot exchanged for +1 mid slot, -12.5% falloff and +30 signature radius bloom).

Obviously armor fits will take a small hit but there is the potential for tankier shield fits and more maneuverability. Discuss.

It will still warp faster it it has that as well.

Of course. But it will have a larger signature radius, less falloff and one less low. Does that make it better, worse or really not change anything?

As long as it still bumps the ever loving bajeezus out of freighters and orcas, I don’t care what they do to it…

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It’s also gaining a mid slot. For me it means I’m gonna use one less tracking enhancer and use a tracking computer instead.


Yes, but as you’re losing -12.5% falloff - is there really any gain? I don’t think you will offset the falloff hit since it isn’t stacking penalized whereas the modules are. You also trade a passive for an active module…

lose a bit of range it’s not great, but doesn’t hurt too much either. Ship is still fast enough it can get in good range.

Might also throw an MJD on my shield fit. currently has booster, 2 invlun, cap inject, mwd, so adding an MJD would be nice. Or an extra cap battery for my cap stable fit, I have a rather silly cap stable shield fit for blitzing DPS when my internet is acting up.

Armor fit probably just drop a Gyro, add a tracking comp or sensor booster. Or maybe drop the 2 EANMS and just use a reactive armor hardener.

honestly haven’t really looked at either, dunno if they even have the fitting to do that. I’ve pretty much been doing all burners and then dread pirate, so I haven’t really thought about it much.


I remember the Mach change back in the day when they made it smaller. Black Tuesday.


I feel that + or - 30 on any battleship is meaningless. If it was a frigate or destroyer sure. Maybe a cruiser if it uses a lot of shield modules that already blow up its sig, then 30 might push it to the next boundary, but battleship is negligible.

As for the otehr changes, I would have rather see some buffs to the otehr battleships then a nerf to the Mach. Especially the ones that are truly no longer used due to “newer shinier better”.

The slot switch will just mean more shield then armor fits, or more double prop fits. MJD + MWD on a macha is pretty damn mobile.

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Well since a mwd+mjd+booster+invul fit is already very good, I consider the switch from tracking enhancer to tracking computer as an enhancement. Barrage will hit @100km still.

I think this rebalance was intended to shift the fleet meta away from the machariel. I don’t see this effecting PVE machariels too much.


Yeah without range nerf it would be straight out buff to shield fit machariels…

Instead armor battleship that could they pulled it down to the rest of battleships lvl a farming tool.

Mission complete.

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It’s a -12.5% falloff range hit.

Frankly spoken, I’m quite frustrated. I love my current armor tanked sniping Macha

(I tried shield fits on SiSi, it’s impossible to compensate the falloff range nerf)


I like it too but it’s become kind of ubiquitous. It would be cool if there were a few other ways to skin a cat.

I don’t care whether my loved fitting is “ubiquitous”. That does not influence it’s efficiency :wink:

And the Macha’s efficiency will be nerf’ed significantly.

I don’t care for Machas and PvP, for obvious reasons :stuck_out_tongue:

You can potentially offset some of the range nerf with different implants, but I’m not sure the ability to run a cap stable shield-fit Machariel is worth the tradeoff. What I would have liked to see is dropping it to six turrets, bumping the damage up accordingly and giving it another utility high.

Can’t do that cuz it would make the gun layout symmetrical

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You do know how falloff works right?

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Yes, that would be absolutely horrible… :wink:

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