macOS client consistently causing macOS to reboot into black screen

This started with, lessee here, client 1498871, launcher 1499487, launcher UI 6.1.9. I’m using Mojave on an early 2013 MBP with 16GB RAM. I enter the app and noodle around while the shuttle is in dock, and boom, app crashes, macOS crashes and reboots, and blackness comes up on the retina display. This happens whether I’m using a 2560x1440 external monitor or not as main for EVE.

To fix the black retina monitor I have to reboot in safe mode, watch the progress bar creep to the end and then stop moving for a few minutes, whereupon I reboot the machine without safe mode, and the screen(s) come up normally.

That’s quite the exercise. This did not occur before the last update. I’m technically not sure where the GPU Panic originates from, to tell the truth, it could be the client or the launcher.

I’ve been running loglite to collect some sort of evidence what’s going on, but the ticket attachment uploader over on the eve bug reporter page doesn’t work for me.

Backing up to use macOS Launcher 1476049, the client still appears to crash at random times, causing macOS to reboot and forcing me to restart the machine in safe mode to recover from whatever configuration is left on graphics processor.

Updated to a new launcher 1501045, the previous launcher downloaded, installed, and restarted into. That’s the first time that’s happened in months, so improvement is happening.

I was able to run the client 1498871 for several minutes before the kernel panic screen appeared on the retina display. Prior to, I’d see a GPU Panic with the screen(s) going black while the machine was still running. I could shut the machine down and restart into the OS but without any display function. Had to use the Safe Mode and an external TBolt display to escape.

This time, the screen did not lock up and rebooting the machine provided full display operability (so far).

Kinda hoping this crash behavior stops soon, I can’t dress up and leave the dock with the app in this state, only safe maintenance operations.

Late update: eventually the GPU panic occurs, and I have to do some strange maneuvers to bring graphics back from black screen, like holding SHIFT down during boot to enable Safe Mode, or the Option key to enable boot disk selection.

Unfortunate that the 16th anniv stuff requires one enter the character selection page…

Can you try running the game in a windows/linux VM, so you can at least grab the goodies?

You should also petition your case, with logs, and explain why you’re unfairly unable to get what you deserve.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’m able to run the client for about two minutes, which is long enough to tap the anniv panel and then dole out the stuff each day before the screens go black.

Recently I haven’t had as much trouble bringing the graphics back to operability as I did a couple days ago. I am trying to stop Wine and start another game to see if that can clear up whatever the problem might be.

I personally don’t have a PC at the moment, altho I could run the app under Boot Camp. I may have to do that if I want to actually Play Eve :slight_smile:


So I rebooted the laptop under Win 10 and ran EVE Launcher, which installed a couple updates, then ran the client. The screen went black about the same time as it does under macOS. I was hoping there was enough difference between the graphics code that it wouldn’t do that. Alas.

Now that makes it sound like a hardware defect.

What are your specs?

Yeah, unfortunately, I concur- sounds like a hardware issue.

Any chance you can get in long enough to set the graphics settings to the lowest possible options and seeing how it behaves that way?

I’ll take a look soon. I apparently can reliably reboot with the screen active after a parameter ram reset. I was able to step down the screen res setting, tho I haven’t tried to be in game for any length of time in the last few days.

If I read the launcher news right, there’s a 64-bit client a-comin’ “soon”, tho I don’t know if I need to set things to beta to use it.

I’m running an early 2013 15" MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, macOS 10.14.5 (Mojave), 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7. Seems to work pretty well for running Xcode and iOS development despite it being a little old for such things.

I’ve known there are iffynesses at play when running the mac EVE client; for a few years, when I view any ship tree, I see momentary display list glitches. They don’t seem to show up anywhere else in game (or in any other app). Problems escalated to black screen just recently, and of course they don’t seem to show up (yet) when I’m doing anything else with the machine. The black screen has been an escalation.

Because of my nature and profession, and the strong suspicion that EVE doesn’t see a lot of 2013 MacBook Pros, I lean somewhat toward the problem being a hardware-related GPU coding issue.


Yes, that’s my hunch as well- something GPU related. Hopefully, scaling down the graphics will reveal some additional information. If you have access to TechTool Pro that can run a hardware check of your system, that would be a good idea also.

I’ve seen more than enough of the problem to conclude that I’m looking at a brand new heat-related graphics hardware problem. I might be able to slow how long it takes to show up by adding a third party fan control app. The EVE client works on the work machine, which has the same integrated and discrete grapics options. The problem manifests on the home machine often enough without any help from EVE. So, we may be in for a new machine in a few days. I hope for some hardware announcements at Apple’s WWDC conference in San Jose on June 3. I could replace the main board for $650,…for a 6 year old machine? Hmmm.

Thanks very much for the chat!

Bummer, man- I hate the feeling of knowing that something is going. Love buying new machines, hate being FORCED to :rofl:

My biggest hope for WWDC is that they will finally come out with something different for the keyboard- the newest ones have been an utter disaster.

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