Black screen leading to machine crash on undock

Occasionally over recent weeks since the native mac release I have been getting a black screen on undock. Then, after about 4 minutes, my mac locks up and after another few moments does a forced crash restart.
I have done the usual redownload, install and also validate cache but can not ‘lock down’ the reasons or attributes associated with the fault to give a clear direction to the fault finding.
Curiously this issue is random between my two characters, affecting which one it chooses without appearing to have pattern.
Thoughts anyone?



If you don’t have a EBR ticket, please create one with as many details as possible (macOS version, hardware etc). We can try to reproduce it internally.
If you do, let me know the number.

Hi there, I also have the exact same problem. I’ve reinstalled the client completely (ensuring there is no trace in Library folders, etc) but it still does the same thing, despite the new update.

Currently it is unplayable since the Native client was rolled out, is the Wine client still available somewhere?

(I’ll open a ticket)

Did a support ticket get created for this?

I’m also experiencing very consistent crashes upon undock or system change of characters on one account – although I play on two other accounts on this same machine without issue.

If you have created tickets, please let me know the ticket reference.

We really need system specifications and as many details as possible to try and reproduce this.

Many thanks

Thank you CCP_Caffeine – I have captured the details from such a kernel panic tonight and including them in EBR-231301.

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of info for the repro steps, as it just happens. But I have included hardware info and OS version, etc.

Investigating this a bit further, I did find a similar crash that affects hundreds of Mac WoW users:

The thread indicates that disabling particle effects was a workaround for at least some users. I did try this last night and unfortunately still encountered the crash on undock, but wanted to at least offer this link in case it helps other folks, or furthers CCP get to the root cause.

I have exactly the same issue. it is really game breaking, e.g. I can’t really use jump freighers or blockade runners anymore. I can’t help with reproducing it, it just happens from time to time(maybe a 20% chance of it happening?)

I’m on mac os monterey, 2019 mac book pro with an i5 and intel iris plus graphics 655

Maybe worthwhile to note: It seems like only the graphics crash, as discord keeps working while the system is frozen

Please file an EBR if you’ve not already done so, with as many system details as possible. Ideally from the client after a crash and you have restarted the game. If you have any reproduction steps, then please include these as they will help us to reproduce.
We’re trying to find as many common factors as possible between those who are experiencing this issue. We don’t have reproduction right now, as it seems to be very system-specific (hardware, os, etc…).

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