Madness University

Madness University

The true newbro oriented corporation, offering you seasoned instructors with over 30 years of combined EVE ONLINE time. Over 100 facilities spread out through New Eden from 0 to Highsec.
SRP for any corp activity as well as providing you with starter ships
Wormhole daytrips, our own moon mining 3 days a week in HS, one a week in 0
A vast protection umbrella from our alliance and coalition.

And something no other corp offers, a gateway drug to New Eden - Incursions
Madness will give you our own Incursion ready ship once you have the skills to fly it . you can literally make 200+ mill isk per hour by flying it.

Active alliance discord with 15 corporations to choose from once you are ready to “graduate”

And…last but not least…WE GOT KARL!!!

Message me in game and start flying with us immediately.

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