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(Ima Wreckyou) #862

I thought the support is not responsible for the forums? Can you please point me to the proper channel?

(Lugburz) #863

i agree, there was no reason to merge it with this one.
This may be listed as the main place to discuss the topic but when someone posts a comprehensive suggestion you dont just poo hoo it and merge it to lose its main thesis in amongst a thousand other random posts.

(Whitehound) #864

While I very much like the way you think and try to keep the warfare free from limitations, do I still need to ask: how will a contract system be able to cover all cases, present and future ones?

What I fear is that a contract system, when it doesn’t cover all possible cases, would in itself be a limitation for those who don’t find a contract type for their individual need.

(Ima Wreckyou) #865

There are no contract type in that sense. The idea is that there are metrics which get collected by the game and people can use them to formulate a condition. Think of this like an search query or something like that. If the query matches the contract is fulfilled.

(Salt Foambreaker) #866

It was my fault, I have someone who doesn’t like me, look at the second post.

(Ore Grinder) #867

So what? Let them.
Let them spread their numbers so thin they can’t defend other structures closer to their homeland.

Also, you can’t say a mechanic is bad “because Goons exist”.

(Ore Grinder) #868

Ya, then they just come back later after they finish bullying another corp in a different area. You have invented an organized extortion racket is all. The only thing missing is a game mechanic that physically enforces this restraining order.

Yes it does matter if you are allowed to game the system. If that is possible then NOBODY WILL USE THE SYSTEM! Why bother paying money when the oppressive forces against you can easily continue oppressing you AND get paid for doing so?

To be honest, I would be more in favor of an actual restraining order system, where you pay Concord to disable a character’s ability to even lock you. Would have to be even further than that though because he would just bump you instead. There is no simple solution.

(Ore Grinder) #869

And that’s the problem. We need new players to keep playing the game more than we need griefing groups being able to do what they do now.

If we retain 1000 new players because they don’t get griefed out of playing the game, but lose 500 due to rage quits about war decs, CCP still gained 500 accounts that pay.

(Whitehound) #870

You’re polarizing a bit too much. New players are found on both sides nor are these groups griefers per se, but they only enjoy their status.

But here is a problem I’ve only recently realized: a friend of mine was suddenly a member of one of the “Big Five” and when I asked what he did that for did he explain he was helping a friend of his get into EVE and to teach him how to PvP. I thought this was cool, but what I hadn’t realized was that at the kill ratios the “Big Five” hold, that this isn’t really an introduction to PvP, but it’s more like a safari in Africa. New players join these dominant groups and they get carried through the process and end up with kills and little loss. Like tourists shooting animals from a Land Rover. While this may be awesome for those who join these groups will this by no means be of any fun to those who try to go their own way and not join them.

At such a point is it not really relevant what personality each player has, the constructive or destructive type, it’s that neither has a chance to get to play when you have five Cthulhu-sized monsters sitting in your fish tank, eating anything from small fish to sharks.

(Ore Grinder) #871

Ya pretty much. I’d say send them to faction warfare where they can be a lion attacking a warthog. Sometimes the lions lose… Only so much you can learn when you stack the deck to badly you never lose.

(Yiole Gionglao) #872

Putting myself in the shoes of the wardecced corporation, my obvious move would be to drop corporation. One of the signs pointing that uberminers in Osmon are such uberminers is that their characters names “Template1”, “Template 2” and so share the same funny employment history of moving between a few same corporations.

Maybe (probably) CCP has access to human tracking features, but the game system and players have only, at best, character tracking features. Aggression contracts on specific characters are already a slippery slope and they’re unlikely to happen (this is why the bounty system is nonsense), and human-tracking features are out of the table for legal reasons.

Thus, no matter how you paint it, organized, formalized aggression only works when the victim is hapless or willing to cooperate. And we know how the “hapless victim” part has ended for wardecs.

People won’t war if they don’t want to war.

Won’t somebody please come in and fight!!??

(Tater-nuts) #873

OK here’s the solution. Keep war dec as they are and scrap the stupid structure idea.

Corporations can pay a weekly or monthly (whatever works best) fee to Concord for war dec protection. Fee should be based on member numbers and type of structure(if any), small corps being far cheaper than Goons or TEST ofc. That way it’s the corps responsibility to stay out of war dec and not some quirky mechanic set up by CCP. It would be based on the same model as the sov tax to keep a corp from being war dec’d. Structures could still be bashed as corps become inactive or miss payment and any corp that wanted to fight does not need to pay a fee. I would also provide a much needed isk sink for the economy.

Put the responsibility on corps to stay out of trouble and if they don’t pay and get war dec’d, they have nothing to whine about.

Yes, it can still be abused with alts, etc…, but what part of EVE can not be abused by alts?

(Predvodnica LSG) #874

Simple and clean solution. Like it !!!


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@ISD_Sakimura hello?

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Support does not moderate forums, but they handle complaints about moderation.

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Well at least I have another false advice to add to the complaint. Don’t worry, I found it myself now, the correct place seems to be

(Yiole Gionglao) #878

Good luck with that. I wrote them in August and I’m still waiting some kind of answer. Maybe their bet was that I could live without an answer, and I’ve done, but… :woman_shrugging:

(Salt Foambreaker) #882

This picture is backwards. If it really represented what is going on there would be a care bear in the ring saying “I don’t want to fight”.

The fighter would be saying “Then WTF are you doing in the ring!”

The care bear would respond “Pretending to be bad ass”

(Yiole Gionglao) #883

The carebear is elsewhere in the gymnasium -or he was until someone dragged him kicking and screaming into the boxing ring for the first and last time.

EVE has always been about more than the boxing ring.

(Daichi Yamato) #884

No one is dragged into eve. You all voluntarily entered this game. You all voluntarily entered a full time pvp arena.